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The idea behind this post came from a random night when Maine & I talked about how our lives have been going and how things in general have been so far. (Here’s a fun fact: we’ve been Tumblr friends for… 6 years already?!?! Omg) As both bloggers and creatives, we’ve seen how things have changed over the years (hello, Instagram, social media, etc). People can assume how ~perfect~ an artist / blogger / creative’s life is in this age. It’s funny because we never found ourselves having that idea of perfection (in fact, it is far from perfect). And I think the biggest takeaway we both got from this is that yes, just like you, we’re human beings too. *collective gasp*

You can take this seriously or with a grain of salt. But these are actual problems I’m having and I’m more than grateful for it. These aren’t regular problems, these are #abbeyproblems.

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1. When your followers think you’re goals AF but in truth, you’re just normal AF.

(aka your typical 23 year old struggling and trying to survive adulthood in the best way possible)

I have my good days, I also have my bad days, breakdowns – those days. You know. Existential problems and such, on a really, really bad day. And a few pre-quarter life crisis problems I am slowly fixing. *sigh* And it’s totally fine.

2. When your workplace is full of brush pens, markers, and paintbrushes that you can’t find a normal ballpen for a meeting. HAH!


(Not kidding though, this has happened many, many times. So embarrassing.)

3. When you go see your published work at the bookstore and take sneaky pictures even if you’re aware that the guard was totes judging you.


Shameless plug: You can get a copy of my book or postcards at major bookstores nationwide. Or at the online shop :D

4. Getting interviewed for Rookie and getting retweeted by THE Tavi Gevinson. And secretly freaking out.


Check out the full interview here. And nope, it’s not a secret anymore. I freaked out. Haha.

5. When you can’t decide which Sunday Paper and/or Midori notebook to use for your daily tasks, ideas, et cetera – because they are all too pretty and functional.


Currently using the Sunday Paper Any Year Planner & Passport Traveler’s Notebook for my day-to-day activities. I promised a comprehensive post on this soon, keep posted!

6. All the notebooks in the world won’t ever be enough, tbh.

7. Receiving an overwhelming amount of emails in an almost daily basis and calling your manager to calm down. And eventually reporting to your friends and you’re all freaking out.

8. When your books get sold out at a calligraphy event and you don’t know what to feel. Smile? Wave? Freak out internally. 


Thank you to everyone who got their copies at Love, Calligraphy! :) 

9. When you need friends to persuade you to watch films because you have no time to look for nice titles. And then you eventually get dragged to join their 100 Movies a Year project. 

No turning back, yo! Shoutout to Maine’s 100 Movies a Year project. And to Koko who gave me a bunch of classic films to watch as well.

10. You haven’t seen any other T.V. series aside from One Tree Hill and you haven’t listened to any other T.V. series soundtracks other than One Tree Hill’s.


True story because: Lucas + Peyton is my OTP  (I love Peyton. She inspired me to do art) and having Jimmy Eat World, Fall Out Boy, Tyler Hilton, Dashboard Confessional, and many more for a series soundtrack is A+, really.

11. When you obsess over having too much flat lay posts on Instagram!

(but it’s mandatory most of the time #werq)

12. You spend your weekend thinking about work, work, work (because weekends & holidays don’t exist in your calendar).


V tired. Can I hibernate for a week?

Work: NO. 

13. You have to educate your friends about the miracle that is tikoy lumpia –

14. because you’re the only Chinese person you know in your circle of creative friends.


True story. Ni hao!



And you even managed to tinker with your phone in front of him. All caps because I totes screwed it – I have serious introvert problems.

16. When you try to discreetly tell people “ABC” is Abbey Sy but they still don’t get it…


“You’re Abbey Sy…as in ABC…cool!”

Me: *nods* *smiles awkwardly*

17. You get hand cramps from painting / drawing too much.



18. When you have too many talented photographer friends that you can’t even pick a profile picture to use. ABC23-116

Photography by Shutter Panda / Art direction by Maine Manalansan for my 23rd birthday

19. When you have too many mentors that you end up staying up super late at night thinking about goals and more things you’d like to pursue.

You can’t sleep, and your mentors always tell you, “please sleep early and take care of yourself” but you can’t. It’s all good, but it’s crazy.

20. When you have so many project ideas that you keep on piling on your to-do list but you know it’ll be worth it in the end because it makes people (and yourself!) happy at the end of the day.


Me, 24/7, basically.

 Whether this post made you laugh or *insert feelings here*, have a good evening.

But tbh, I tried to be witty. Emphasis on try. Lol. Thanks Maine for co-writing this!

Do you have any of your ~problems~? Let me know in the comments below. :D

<3, Abbey

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8 Responses to “Abbey Problems”

  1. Aaliyah Pangan
    February 18, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    I always hope of traveling and doing lots of stuffs like Abbey does and yes it seems so stressful but atleast once in my life like you know it’ll be dream come true if I had a chance to do so. And btw I’m also having a hard time picking which planner or notebook to use ’cause they’re all beautiful af. here’s another struggle I emcounter whenever doing lettering calligraphy, after doing a project and saw a work of great artists i feel awful with what i’ve been doing all my life huhu. One more thing is that my desk or work space is so much loaded of stuffs for writing or any kind of art that I dont have enough space already to do my work ( which makes my worksapce not a workspace anymore :( ). That’ all ;)

  2. Abbey
    February 18, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    Hi Aaliyah. That’s a lot of problems. haha. Wait.
    1. Traveling is pretty stressful too. I’m taking a break and staying in Manila this year.
    2. Lol on planners / notebooks. They have to be used. That’s what I learned over the years.
    3. Regarding seeing artists’ work and feeling awful, please don’t feel that way. It’s normal, but remember that all great artists start as amateurs. They improve over time so don’t compare yourself to others.
    4. Lol at desk. My desk is at the same situation right now…just make sure to leave out a big area for drawing so you’ll be prompted to draw. :)

  3. Eunice
    February 18, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    Problems at the moment (as a student): Sneaking in (creating) art during projects, academics and life in general. And also trying to make art during art block. </3 You definitely need a break sometime, ate Abbey.

  4. Abbey
    February 18, 2016 at 10:24 pm

    Hi Eunice – art block is super normal. Take it one day at a time :) Good luck! And thank you!

  5. yan
    February 19, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    curious. have you always called yourself ey-bi even before you took on the ABC branding? or were you originally abi bcos abigail? hehe

  6. Abbey
    February 19, 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Ok let me break it down for you. Lol.
    High school: Abi
    College: Abbey (which eventually became my blog “name”)

    and then eventually friends pointed out that ABC can be translated to Abbey Sy. So I took it. Haha!

  7. Denise
    March 8, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    Totally relate to #6 – sometimes you just want to buy all the pretty notebooks you see but then you remember that there’s still a stack waiting to be used at home huhu


  8. Abbey
    March 8, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    Huhu the notebook problem is so me right now huhu

    YES TO OTH!!! <3