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Up to this day, it still feels overwhelming to have published a book (believe me, I have my own insecurities). Either way, it was definitely one of the highlights of my 2015. It took me quite a while to put my thoughts together for this blog post because I have a lot of ~*feels*~ in general and because I have so many people to thank for helping make this a reality.

So yup, you were warned. Long post below the cut. :)

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(In typical Abbey Sy fashion, I’ll keep it date-based for easier understanding, lol.)

June 18, Thursday – Brunch with my book team and received my copy of the book.

Initial reaction? (as I remember from Macy’s snapchat)


*flips through the pages*

“Ang ganda nung rounded corners!” (The rounded corners are lovely!)

*flips through the pages up to the end*



Brunch with the Summit Book Team (ABC) :D AND OMG THE BOOK IS REAL HUHU CRY

According to my team, I am good at hiding my overwhelmed state when I’m in public. True enough, from the moment I saw the proofs to the meeting for the book launch and upto the book launch event day in itself, I kept my cool.

But I remembered bursting into tears at certain parts of that chaotic week. (Sorry, you won’t expect me to be made of stone, of course! lol)
ABCStampsAlso received my rubbercut stamps from Kara of Ckaqe. Yay! Super love how it turned out. :) Also, this is why my hands didn’t ache after a long day of signing. :P

June 20, Saturday – Book Launch at National Bookstore, Glorietta 1

Photos by Katsy Garcia

Apart from the day before when I panicked on what to wear and other last minute craziness, the book launch went well – and better than I expected. Introverted me survived, yay!


You can say I was pretty nervous the whole time I was waiting for the program to start.

Surprise visit from my high school friend based in SG, Peter. Thanks for dropping by despite your busy schedule!


My little sis aka buddingly talented letterer Kitty also dropped by. Thank you for the “Always Be Creating” chalkboard piece; it’s sitting nicely by my HQ’s window.

ABCLaunch-KittyAlso: stripes game strong with my publisher Koko :D #twinsiesemojiABCLaunch-KokoABCLaunch-Family

I secretly squealed when I saw my books neatly displayed near the cashier. Secretly.IMG_7443IMG_7432

That line though! I saw someone post that she came in first, at around 9 in the morning to get in the first 50. So much respect and gratitude (waa, thank you!)


In my head: is this real life? huhuhu

IMG_7527With my number 1 supporter and the original letterer of the family, my momIMG_7520IMG_7523IMG_7590

The book signing was different from the usual – I gave a mini workshop and lettering demo for the first half of the workshop. We also raffled off a few goodies from Made by ABC and tickets from Type Lab MNL. *confetti*IMG_7531“IMG_7532”It was pretty cool to have a live camera recording the whole process. Easier for the participants (the first 50 who signed up / registered got to attend for free) to understand the lesson and see how I work.IMG_7573We also raffled off the final art piece, yay!"IMG_7586”After the workshop, I started signing (I mean, stamping) books.


Cutest reader!!!


I was told that I was able to sign around 150 books that day. Thank you so, so much to everyone who made their way to drop by and have their books signed! Super duper grateful for all the support. :) I would not be where I am without the people who have constantly followed my work from my early years as a blogger + entrepreneur to the letterer I am now, so infinite thanks!

Apart from that, I still have a bunch of people to thank –


My best friend Kristin for making me look pretty and styling me for the event (sorry, I have zero knowledge with beauty and fashion, lololol)


The featured artists who came and signed books as well – Fozzy, Tippy, Jelvin, June, John Ed, Carl – thank you for your support! Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset

To the two people I’ve been really close to the past couple of months – Tippy and Mansy, thank you so, so much! Shoutout to Tippy who’s seen my progress from a blank sheet of paper up until I managed to finish the 12 alphabet sets and so on. Thank you so much for helping me critique my work and ensure it turns out the way I wanted it to. Huhu. I felt like I gave birth because of this book!

"IMG_7652”To Team ABC, for helping me combat this crazy year and for being my minions on events like these (best set of interns I could ever have, huuu),

10500277_10152825081466816_3865449542216475496_nTo Rachelle for organizing this event and Nikki for hosting,

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetOf course, to my book team – Jaykee, Macy and Koko, who have made it easy for me to take everything in. Thank you not only for the constant advice (“Focus on your deadlines, don’t cram okay?” “Sleep early! Big day on Saturday!” “Kayang kaya mo yan!”) but also for guiding me throughout this journey. It definitely was tough, but you guys made it bearable. Thank you for believing in me – it means a lot to know that my work means so much more than just art on paper. More than that, thank you for making this project happen. Never in a million years did I expect I would be able to write a book of my own, moreover something that is really close to my heart. *tears* Best book team ever, I’m never taking that back. :'(

ABCLaunch-TricieAnd lastly, to my manager Tricie for always being my sounding board, support system, basically manager ++++ life coach/big sister. Thank you for believing in me – on those rough days and major decision-making moments of my life, you were there to make sure I made the right choices. I’m glad, though, that I took the road less traveled and fought for it to the best of my ability. I hope I made you proud! Huhu.11535837_10152826544921816_4790213810279667298_n

Shoutout to some of my favorite people who dropped by: Maine, Karen, Vin, Mikka, Celina, Trixie, Kohl, and Yuko! Love you guys. <3

June 27, Saturday – Private Book Launch

Photos by Sofia Lorenzo

I spent the week after celebrating with a few of my friends from way, way back. It was great – I missed most of my friends as I’ve been the busiest for the past couple of months.

Thank you to Scarsdale for accommodating us!

I’ve probably ran out of tears and thank you’s now after writing so much and experiencing so much *new* things over the past couple of months that have gone by. Nevertheless, this is only the beginning, as I keep telling myself. There’s still a wide and long road I have to face headstrong and it’s exciting to see what happens next.

On another note, thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy of my book! I super appreciate your mentions and tags on Instagram. I hope you continue practicing and remember to Always Be Creating. :) Book’s still available at major bookstores nationwide (fingers crossed it goes worldwide…..SOON) and also online via Buqo for P295. I’ve gotten news it’s been out of stock for the longest time so do be patient as we’ve already restocked some of the branches. :)

See you at the next signing! I’ll post details soon.


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  1. Yee Laniton
    July 14, 2015 at 5:38 pm

    Sobrang nakakainggit. I wanna meet you personally, too. I bought your book and it’s so awesome and inspiring. I am currently practicing using the sample fonts that you provided on your book. Btw, congrats! More books to come~!

  2. Abbey
    July 16, 2015 at 10:41 pm


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