Portfolio Roundup: 2015 (Part 1)


Photo by Shutter Panda

I just realized that the last time I updated my portfolio / showcased my work on this blog was December last year – and just like that, we’re halfway through 2015. This is crazy, really. Another realization involved my lack of posting this year due to the unlikely circumstances of (a) work and (b) time constraints. Oh, this life.

In other news, I had an epiphany at half past midnight (aka at the time I am typing this out) to dig up all my work for the first half of the year and update my Behance. It’s a good sign, I guess – I’m currently reviewing my work and I can definitely say that I’ve improved from last year (view last year’s roundup here). Lettering has been seeping into my system for three years now, and I’ve recently revived my therapeutic creative exercise of travel illustration to break the monotony. So most of the work you’ll be seeing below are comprised of those two. :) Click Read More to get a peek of my work below the cut.

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Worldly Whereabouts: Europe

Chronicled my trip to Europe (read about it here) not just in words, but also through art. I finished 4 spreads throughout my 2-week trip, which was pretty challenging but extra fun. Most of these I managed to paint during the 4-hour bus rides (I couldn’t sleep) and late nights at the hotel after finishing work.

I brought my trusty Koi watercolors and used a water brush to paint, and added sketch outlines using my fineliner pen.

Photos by Sofia Lorenzo


Daily Type

My Instagram has always been a repository of daily lettering work (although I don’t do it daily, sadly). I don’t remember posting some of them here but here are some of my faves from this year. More works here and here.

11050826_663053373820624_4400888182352359005_nHQGo After

Blog Posts by Team ABC

I asked my copy interns to write a personal entry for the blog and came up with artworks to add as a visual element of the post. I gave the artworks to the respective writers, as a thank you. :)

Photo 5-29-15, 4 55 29 PM

The Art of Mind-Wandering by Jasmine DyPhoto 5-3-15, 10 25 38 AM

Joyride by Adrienne Tan

ABC for Moleskine

Exciting times this year because I’m working closely with Moleskine Philippines for a few projects! They recently got me to help out during their brand launch and I’m one of their creative partners. I came up with a few spreads on my set of Moleskine Cahier notebooks (which they printed out on a huuuge Moleskine, which is tres cool). I did a bit of lettering and squeezed in some travel illustrations as per usual. I had fun working on the black and white spread, mainly because I only had to use a fineliner to get everything done. :)


Here it is printed out on the huge Moleskine. :)

Photo by Katsy Garcia

Made by ABC

My workshops had a mini revamp at the start of the year, as I coined the term “Learn by ABC” and produced my own line of writing pads and notebooks specifically for the workshops. Eventually, I sold some of them online in time for the release of my book.

This was definitely a challenging project but I’m glad it went well. Lots more to change and alter for the next batch but I’m so excited to show you guys sample proofs soon!

IMG_6390-Edit-Edit IMG_6393

Photos by Sofia Lorenzo

Craft Central: Hand Lettering Starter Kit

I curated a hand lettering starter kit for Craft Central for those who are looking into kickstarting hand lettering without having to purchase materials and know which ones are best. You can order online here.

Box sampleDSC_0047

Photos by Christie Lim

Learn by ABC Guidebook

In addition to producing sketch pads and notebooks, I came up with a comprehensive lesson plan / guidebook for my workshop students, so that it would be easier for them to understand the beginner’s course I offer.

I called it “The ABCs of Hand Lettering”, and it’s roughly a 10-page manual on type terminologies, materials, font familiarization, the process, a few tips in between and a type-rectory. All my classes are based from this guidebook I created.


Photos by Ber Garcia

The ABCs of Hand Lettering

A few months later, that guidebook ended up being the basis of my own book (do you feel the goosebumps? because I do huhu), The ABCs of Hand Lettering, published by Summit books. This project made me endure sleepless nights, lots of caffeine and the true test of being a letterer. *Whew!* I wrote more about it here.

Most of my work for the first half of the year centered around the creation of this book. I’ve yet to share more photos of the nitty gritty work I had to do for the production of this book (mind you, it was cray cray) but here are some photos of artworks you can find inside my book.

IMG_1742.JPG IMG_6865Photo 5-14-15, 4 16 01 PMPhoto 5-14-15, 1 55 59 PM

Type Lab MNL

We recently concluded Type Lab MNL, the first typography conference in the Philippines last July 4 and 5. It’s so fulfilling to be a part of this team and to be able to reach out to the type community by organizing this event. This is also possibly one of the biggest projects (I’ve never handled events before! It’s crazy) this year which I worked on alongside my book. I have Team ABC and of course, my partner-in-crime, Maan Agsalud of Type Kita for turning this vision into a reality.

IMG_8511 IMG_8517

Also, kudos to my art intern Katsy for creating the overall branding and collaterals for the event. Super duper hands down, I am so proud of you!IMG_8538 IMG_8590

The event highlighted 8 of the best type artists in Manila, and I was honored to be one of them. I talked about The Road to ABC – I’ll share more on the blog soon. :)IMG_8782

That was pretty much a lot to take in, so if you finished until this part of the post, thank you! :)

Here’s to creating more art and to pushing myself to (finally) build a decent portfolio site once I get most of the work out of the way. I’m pretty excited to announce though that I’ll be having more workshops this coming August (sharing my schedules this Saturday!) and a website (abbey-sy.com YAY) is in the works before the year ends.

*confetti* *tears* *more tears*

You can view more of my serious work (lol) at my Behance for the meantime. If you need a letterer/designer, hire me! Shoot an e-mail over at hello@abbey-sy.com :)

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