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Life, Lately: Meaningfulness

February 5, 2016 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Daily Life, Events, Friends & Family, Personal 2 Comments

(First of all, I googled Meaningfulness and it is apparently an adverb! Lol. Hence the title.) photo by Shutter Panda I haven’t written anything personal in awhile, I believe. Sharing some updates on how my 2016’s been so far and a few announcements, as per usual. :)

Life, Lately: Efficiency

October 28, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Daily Life, Friends & Family, Personal 1 Comment

Hola! I’ve just finished submitting my last deadline earlier for my 2nd major project this year. *confetti* Hence, I’m giving myself a bit of space to breathe before tackling tomorrow’s deadline. What a crazy couple of weeks! :o If anything, though, this month’s been all about efficiency, making things happen, and getting things done. A […]

Snippets: June to September

September 23, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Friends & Family, Personal 0 Comments

This part of the year has been incredibly amazing – and a little crazier than usual. Every time I try to look back at how things have ended up to be this way, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything that’s happened so far. So in traditional Tumblr (huhu, I miss Tumblr!) format, sharing […]