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TEDx Takeaways

February 20, 2016 Filed Under: 5 Tips, Abbey, Artsy Advice, Personal, TEDxUPM, Tips & Advice 6 Comments

It’s been more than a year after I gave my TEDx talk at UP Manila. It’s also been a year of amazing opportunities, creating new connections, and everything in between. I was intending to write this last year after giving my talk, but I realized how fitting it would be to actually to share this […]

Abbey Problems

February 18, 2016 Filed Under: Abbey, Personal 8 Comments

The idea behind this post came from a random night when Maine & I talked about how our lives have been going and how things in general have been so far. (Here’s a fun fact: we’ve been Tumblr friends for… 6 years already?!?! Omg) As both bloggers and creatives, we’ve seen how things have changed over […]

Life, Lately: Meaningfulness

February 5, 2016 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Daily Life, Events, Friends & Family, Personal 2 Comments

(First of all, I googled Meaningfulness and it is apparently an adverb! Lol. Hence the title.) photo by Shutter Panda I haven’t written anything personal in awhile, I believe. Sharing some updates on how my 2016’s been so far and a few announcements, as per usual. :)