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Life Lately: Independence

September 30, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Daily Life, Events, Personal, Work in Progress, Workshop 2 Comments

    Hello! Took me quite a while to go back to writing because *new work* has come in this month, and I haven’t been on pause for the longest time. Anyway, it’s a Wednesday, and I’m glad I’m working from home until the sun sets (or until I finish…which is usually past midnight, lol). Quick […]

Life, Lately: Rekindling

July 22, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Daily Life, Personal, Team ABC, Work in Progress 0 Comments

Life lately has been about rekindling – remembering the forgotten, finding more meaning with my life’s purpose, and giving myself the freedom to just let loose and not care for a little while (but still, keeping tabs of current things in life). The daily grind has been slowly fading out lately – I’ve been worn […]

March: This Month, So Far

First and foremost – hi, I’m alive! While I did mention early on that my blog is currently MIA for the month, life’s been getting its take and while I’m in the process of driving myself crazy (with everything that is happening), I guess it’s better for me to really write them down and spend […]