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Life, Lately: Moving Forward

If there’s one thing I’m (finally) learning to accept this month, it would be that change is hard. But if you think about it, change is always good. And I’d rather stick to the latter mindset than dwelling in the fact that change¬†is hard (because if I do, I won’t accept it, and I’d get […]

Life, Lately: On Priorities

January 29, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Coffee-tea-vity, Daily Life, Personal 7 Comments

I haven’t been present that much in social media this week (but that doesn’t mean I’m not lurking around all my accounts, haha). Call it a detox – or maybe I’m just too swamped up with work that I don’t have time to actually take photos, write, and build up on content, but it’s been […]

Of Friends, Coffee & Typography

I’ll be honest, I missed writing about this part of my blog so much!!! Mainly because I don’t have to be all strict with how I write since it’s a narrative of things in my life lately. Favorite thing I did a few weeks back, which basically sums up my feelings about art and my […]