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Staycation + Relaxation

August 15, 2015 Filed Under: Local Lovin', Sponsored Post, Weekend Workspace 0 Comments

During the last week of July, we flew to Cebu for a workshop with Joan & Klaire – and it was definitely a great experience to be able to teach outside of Manila. While the two-day workshops kept us busy the whole day, nothing spelled staycation better than staying at The Henry Hotel in Banilad. […]

An Afternoon at Mrs. Grahams’

April 25, 2014 Filed Under: Daily Life, Sponsored Post, Weekend Workspace 0 Comments

I’ve been looking for alternative places to work (because second wave coffee shops are too mainstream and crowded) and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this quaint little cafe a few weeks ago near my place. Mrs. Graham’s Cafe is a macaron cafe located at the Scout area near Tomas Morato. They serve not […]

Welcome to my Workspace

February 2, 2014 Filed Under: Weekend Workspace 1 Comment

I’ve been featuring bits of my workspace over the past months but I haven’t really sorted out my things (until now, yay). I did promise myself to fix it by the end of January and I’d like to think I accomplished this goal *claps for me!*. Most artists would probably have a really huge desk […]