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Type Lab MNL

June 10, 2015 Filed Under: Events, Talk 1 Comment

It all started with a conversation on Facebook. I randomly messaged Maan of Type Kita, who single-handedly cultivated the type community here in Manila, with exhibits, events, and workshops over the past year. “What if we come up with a type conference in Manila?” was how I vaguely asked her if something like this was […]

Life, Lately: Moving Forward

If there’s one thing I’m (finally) learning to accept this month, it would be that change is hard. But if you think about it, change is always good. And I’d rather stick to the latter mindset than dwelling in the fact that change is hard (because if I do, I won’t accept it, and I’d get […]

The TEDx Experience

February 22, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Events, Personal, Talk, TEDxUPM 9 Comments

If there’s one #lifegoal I’ve always wanted to achieve, it would be to give a TEDx talk. And that achievement was unlocked 2 weekends ago, at TEDxUPM. But before I begin to talk about this experience (that I don’t think words can properly encapsulate), let me share a bit about how I found out about […]