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October: This Month, So Far

October 11, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Daily Life, Events, Feature 3 Comments

Hola! I haven’t been doing any writing lately because of the sudden influx of work – most of it requires endless hours of painting, illustrating, and participating in shoots and events for features and clients. Craziest first week of October, definitely. Anyway, I know this month is going to be extra busy for me (huhu […]

Life, Lately: Creating Connections

I know, I’m being such a bad blogger for skipping last month’s update. The thing is, if I were to revive it, I wouldn’t – I wasn’t in the right state of mind to actually write about specific things, so I’d rather not share some of them and go back to writing this entry, not […]

Passion + Process

April 1, 2015 Filed Under: Feature 1 Comment

If you asked me last year what I envisioned my art to become in the coming years, I’ll honestly (and blatantly) tell you that I have no idea. Fast forward to this year, and it feels like this is probably where I’m meant to be. The universe may not have plotted it out this way from day […]