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Life, Lately: Settling

Hello from the HQ! It’s a relatively slow day as I’m writing this. The sun’s about to set and I just need to start on a lineart for one of my major projects this year. Now that I look back, August’s been silently chaotic – bursts of happenings on some days, quiet work from home […]

Bright Eyes

August 23, 2015 Filed Under: Friends & Family, Personal, Team ABC 2 Comments

(After 5 clingy months with me, my interns ended their summer stint a few weeks ago. *cries* I’ll write more about it soon – but for the meantime, here’s a snippet of my team’s experience as told by my copy girls, Aidee and Jas.) written by Adrienne Tan & Jasmine Dy Phones out, hovering above […]

Starting with the ABCs

Photos by Sofia Lorenzo / Co-written with Adrienne Tan & Jasmine Dy “There’s always a first time for everything”, I wrote on the first page of the first chapter of my book. And on that note, starting something doesn’t have to take so much effort – it only means to just start, and see where […]