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En Route: Taiwan + Singapore

December 20, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, En Route, Travel Journal, Worldly Whereabouts 5 Comments

“You keep leaving!” // “I need to leave.” I spent two consecutive weeks in transit. It was only a matter of transferring old laundry and filling up my luggage with new ones, and doing a bit of work here and there before flying out. Unlikely as it sounds, I didn’t expect a lot of things to transpire […]

Travel Art Tools

As most of you are probably aware, I have a penchant for travel + adventure. And apart from that, I also love notebooks – to the point that I would bring at least 2-3 notebooks every time I pack for a trip (only because I’m very indecisive with my essentials). There’s the usual art / […]

On Documenting Travels and Collecting Moments

It takes a good amount of passion for exploring the world to appreciate its beauty. And while I’m not the most dedicated traveler out there, I do find happiness venturing into uncharted territory every now and then. Moreover, my fascination for documenting my travels has given my trips more meaning and fulfillment not only as an artist, […]