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I am 100% Chinese by blood but Filipino by nationality.

De La Salle University – Manila. I took up BS Advertising Management, and graduated last June 2014.

I started blogging last 2006 on Multiply, 2007 on Xanga, 2009 on Blogger, 2010 on Tumblr  and up to today, I am still blogging (but now on my own website).

Yes, currently learning the ropes of working full-time freelance + conducting workshops + running this blog + working 24/7. It’s a long story, lol.




I’m self-taught, so I don’t know how to answer that. I never consulted YouTube or any design books prior to learning the craft. I just had to tailor it when I started teaching workshops. But I do remember writing a lot of different font styles and played with the layouts a few years ago – so I guess that’s where it stemmed out.

If it helps, I was a consistent gold medalist for Penmanship in my elementary years in school. My mom also practiced calligraphy during her younger years, and has a lot of awards for Chinese calligraphy as well.

Everything I’ve learned was an output of my personal efforts and endeavors as an artist. I did not do any formal education of some sort.

I started painting at 7. I used to attend summer art workshops when I was younger, like most of us did. The best teacher I’ve had was the granddaughter of Napoleon Abueva, who really moulded my painting skills in watercolor, acrylic and oil.

Would it help that my grandma’s brother was a professional watercolor painter? (I don’t know either) He is the only artist in the family from which I believe I acquired some of my skills from.

I had a shop  during college, and the design work I had to do was hand painted bags and pouches, so my painting skills are varied but it never left my side.

I ended up settling for watercolor 2 years ago, after joining Valerie Chua’s workshop. I learned to love the softness of the medium and how it encapsulates the type of work I like doing.

You can check my updates on workshop schedules here.




Canon EOS 500D / Canon SX700 / iPhone 5 / Nokia Lumia 930

Adobe Photoshop, sometimes Lightroom – just minor tweaks on exposure, contrast, saturation and sharpness.

VSCO always, sometimes Instagram’s built-in editing software.

Essence / Archetype / Minimalist collections of VSCO (yes, I buy filters).

I bought it at a Fujifilm shop in Chiang Mai. It was a disposable film camera.




I’ve answered all these questions on this post, but for everyone’s reference, here’s a breakdown of common questions I’ve been asked.

Fineliner pens. I do not have specific brands. I use Uni, Artline, Pilot, Faber Castell, basically whichever I find in supplies stores. Supplies stores – usually National Book Store or Fully Booked. For hard to find materials, Art Friend in Singapore.

I use Prang and Koi watercolors. I got them at National Bookstore and Hey Kessy.

For more advanced work, I’ve been recently using Holbein, Daler & Rowney and Schmincke, all of which I purchased from Tokyo and Paris. I got my Daler & Rowney from Fully Booked in BGC.

For brushes, I use a variety – my normal brushes are mostly unbranded, which I got in Singapore. My water brush brand is ZIG, bought it in Singapore also. I use mostly big round brushes, and sometimes 0 for finer detail.

A LOT, my gosh. I have a lot of local and foreign notebook brands that I use.

Singapore, mostly. I’ve written a post on the most frequented complex I visit – Bras Basah Complex.




Le Reveur is French for “the dreamer”, and I’ve always liked to associate myself with (artistic) dreaming and making things happen, hence the name came about.

ABC is a play on my brand name – Abbey Sy. And since they are the letters, I figured it would be appropriate since I am a letterer anyway.

Mary  did all the wireframes and coding for this website, and made all my visions come to life.

Yes and no. I have packages for sponsorships and promotions. You may contact my manager here and e-mail me here for more information.



Work | Type by ABC


The services I do are lettering (in varied mediums) and art direction. Photography at the side and a bit of branding, too. Please note that I don’t do wedding invites and/or personal commissions.

If you have a project in mind, please e-mail me so we can discuss rates and timelines.

You can view my portfolio here.

It will vary. Please e-mail me so we can discuss.

Those are seasonal. I will post updates on my shop if I do.


Nope, I’ve only ever done it once – to Singapore.

Lots! Japan, Australia, Europe, and mostly Asia. Travel diaries can be found here.