Holiday Happenings

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I haven’t been properly updating my To:day posts so here’s one from yesterday – which I spent working.

Honestly, I am going insane with both my day job and freelance work – this whole freelance thing is freaking me out and testing my patience. A LOT. I cannot even begin to describe my feels.

But being the very go-getter self I am (and for being Type A), here I am trying to get by.


Okay, fine, not completely work. I spent the morning fixing some parts of my space. Someone’s shooting here next Monday for a tv segment (there goes another camera shy phase of yours truly) so I have to keep my area clean.


The thing is, though, I tend to keep even the most useless things – but then again, it doesn’t seem useless when it becomes something as valuable as, say, Bianca G‘s coffee treat on our first meeting last Monday!

I will admit I’m no celebrity fangirl but really, getting a message from Bianca a few weeks back for a project is something I never ever saw coming. Either way, what’s it about – you’ll find out pretty soon. :)


So my desk is polluted with all this mess and sometimes I need to calm down before getting down to the nitty gritty cleaning work (every single day).

Yesterday, I had to work on personal stuff, some side projects, major projects – basically all projects – and plan out the rest of August and September.

I’m going to DIY a huge project calendar and even if I’m short of time, I will *try* to make it look good. I’ll show pictures soon once it’s up.


Here’s one of the projects I worked on yesterday (for LeBunny Bleu). I still have deadlines for other Quirks deliverables as well so I’m d-e-a-d. 

That, and I’m currently coming up with a new line of designs (good news – I’m joining lots of bazaars in the coming months!) so things are going pretty crazy. I’m also collaborating with a few other people (SO EXCITED THOUGH) so yeah, more on that soon.


After all the insanity and arm pain from lettering, I spent 30 minutes lying in bed and doing some leisure reading. This is hearth magazine’s lovely back cover.

And I spent the night with my best friends over dinner. <3

Okay, it’s not so bad for a holiday. I’d rather stay here at home and work than legitimately go to the office and work (because that utilizes the left side aka the weak part of my brain), haha.

How was your holiday yesterday? Glad to know the long weekend’s coming up for us Filipinos! Have an awesome one. :)


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