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Life in Transit 2014: A Year After

 It’s been a year since I first had my fill of adventure on the outskirts of my comfort zone – and I can still remember that exact moment I boarded the plane at half past midnight to Ho Chi Minh and wondering what’s ahead of me for thirty straight days. Whoever thought this trip would change […]

Life in Transit 2014: The AB3C Project

My heart was always meant to travel. I may have not known it yet during my early teen years, when I would take my digicam around and snap random photos and do all those touristy things (i.e. line up on Mickey Mouse’s autograph signing at Disneyland, or spend 50% of my trip shopping for souvenirs), […]

Life in Transit: Highlights

August 19, 2014 Filed Under: Travel Journal, Worldly Whereabouts 2 Comments

Last month was one of those “I can’t believe this happened” moments. This is considering I have a day job and a whole lot of projects to work on. Of course, I made compromises to finish everything before proceeding with this trip, and I’m glad I did. I’ve been documenting bits of Life in Transit […]

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