Life Lately: Adjustments


As I’m writing this, I’m swamped in lots of work for the week – my first week of being just ABC (I resigned from my day job last week). It’s pretty much going okay, and I’m slowly adjusting to freedom (yay, this exists in my dictionary!) as the days go by.

I’m traveling to Europe this Saturday (!!!), so things are getting a bit hectic because I have to at least finish 90% of work before I leave. And I have to work on #theroadtoabc completely while I’m in transit, so. I cry.

Anyway, here’s a recap of the last few weeks of March. They may have been the best ones I’ve had so far this year. :)

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Transition Week

Photo 3-20-15, 7 28 42 PM

This week was hard for me. I laughed, I cried, and I basically felt everything – mostly separation anxiety and everything in between. SML for these people, though. <3

1. I started the week with an Art Over Coffee session with a few creatives – Maine, JL, Gian & Karen at Crisp on 28th. It was a nice way to refresh myself with new perspectives on creativity and art in general. We all come from different backgrounds and it’s really interesting to see how we all align on certain things. Thanks Karen for organizing this intimate meetup! (Part two, please!)

2. I also had a catchup dinner with my former bosses Agnes & Maan on a Thursday night at Wildflour & Farmacy (food + dessert here is always A+, I swear). Agh, I miss them! I owe it to them that I was able to appreciate strategic planning (which I now adapt to my ABC brand) and working in the Advertising industry (even for just a short time).

3. Last Friday (my last day) was my farewell lunch at Early Bird Breakfast Club. I’m going to miss my officemates, definitely! My last day was surprisingly depressing. Towards the end of the day while I was heading to the exit, everything started to sink in. But then – agh, dreams are calling – and I really think it’s time to go.

On The Road Again Tour Manila

I cannot begin to even articulate this night in words. I got to see One Direction perform live. I’m not a hardcore fangirl (I try to hide it sometimes) – but for the record, THIS WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE.


Some things:

1. I am glad my sister is equally passionate about her fandom for One Direction as I am. And I’m super grateful for my mom who convinced us to get VIP tickets. I REGRET NOTHING. The boys are worth that much.

2. Never would I sacrifice my health for people — except for these guys. It was raining during the start of the concert and we all sang our hearts out despite the rain and getting extremely wet. #dedication #fangirlduties

3. Speaking of singing, I may have acted like a 16 year old with all my singing and dancing and not caring whoever’s looking at me (I’m sure they judged me. I’m sure of it). I also might have ninja-ed my way towards the boys so I can take nice pictures.

4. I also may have changed my crush to Louis instead of Harry and Niall. But ok, they are all still my crushes. (I didn’t even know why I wrote this bullet)

I am still on a huge hangover right now, and I can’t help but be super grateful to be able to see the boys live. And yes, I’m still playing their Discography. L O L

Freedom Week One

Photo 3-25-15, 3 50 03 PM (1)

First week of easing into this lifestyle has been going good. It’s midweek, and I’m slowly getting the hang of things. Some highlights:

1. Here’s a peek from a shoot with Vela Manila at Commune for a feature they’re doing of me. More soon!

2. Went up north last Monday to Rustic Mornings with AJ & Maine for our monthly work + play meeting (and an excuse to be our “tita” selves). Love these girls!

3. Currently fixing the ABC HQ, too. Guys, it’s just my attic. I pretend it’s a fancy office, but it’s not. Lol. Workspace tour soon! For now, here’s my wall with some art made by my friends.

4. Friend-iversary celebration with Mikka at our favorite brunch place, Wildflour. Always an amazing time catching up with her.

5. Weekend art trade + art talk + demo session with Raffy at Tweedle Book Cafe (this place is perf). Here’s the thing – I became friends with Raffy on my last week in the office (what is timing?!) and he’s a pretty awesome artist himself. I definitely didn’t regret not being able to go to Art in the Park for this meetup, lol. Among other things, we’re working on a collaboration this year – should be fun (and challenging). I’m pretty excited myself!

6. In a nutshell: This week, I am slowly getting used to breathing more, which is a good thing. Although my work hours have been overtime since Monday because I haven’t been sleeping well (blame it on the coffee and the work I have to finish this week), my schedule’s become more flexible. Whew. We’ll see as the weeks come along!

* * *

So basically, things are changing again for me. More adjustments are bound to happen (also because Team ABC will be starting their shifts next month!) and I can only hope for the best and that I’ll be able to deliver to my standards (aka, really high standards). That, and sleep more. And live more (hah!).

How was March for you? :)

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3 Responses to “Life Lately: Adjustments”

  1. Chester
    March 27, 2015 at 5:30 pm

    OMG Aabangan ko ang Europe photos Abbey.
    Also, I’m so done with 1D. I can’t even figure out how to move on.

  2. Abbey
    March 28, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Huhu excited na ako sa EU kasi pampatanggal stress kklk -_-

    Re: 1D, ibang usapan na yun. Sakit sa ulo si Zayn. UGH

  3. Maine
    April 4, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Love that we can balance work + play. True test of productivity and friendship! Haha.