Life, Lately: Efficiency

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ProjLetters-3Hola! I’ve just finished submitting my last deadline earlier for my 2nd major project this year. *confetti* Hence, I’m giving myself a bit of space to breathe before tackling tomorrow’s deadline. What a crazy couple of weeks! :o

If anything, though, this month’s been all about efficiency, making things happen, and getting things done. A few weeks ago, I wrote about how crazy my schedule has been. Well, it’s great to know that as I’m writing this, my workload’s been slowly decreasing (just in time for the holidays) and I’m allowing myself to attend to other priorities in life and setting new goals as another year is coming (in a few months!). If you’ve been following my snaps, you’ll see how crazy the amount of paintings I’ve been doing recently (it’s not a drill, wew).

For now, here’s how October’s been with some snippets of work, life, and everything in between.

Campus Talks

Got to visit a lot of schools this month for various speaking engagements. I could call this the ABC School Tours, except I’m very bad with coining nice terms. Haha.AdoboClassA-2

Gave a talk on Personal Branding for Adobo Magazine’s Class A Campus Tour (read all about it here) last October 10 at DLSU. Thanks AdCreate and Adobo for organizing this and having me!

The week after, I gave a talk at UP Diliman for Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority‘s ACLE: Turning Pastimes into Pursuits. Then, I got to share the stage with Soleil Ignacio at St. Paul Pasig’s ACP: Ibang Klase ‘To Take 6 (Alternative Class Program). Aside from doing live illustration, I got to share my creative journey to a bunch of amazing and passionate young girls.


The morning of my flight to Hong Kong (haha), I revisited La Salle and was a non-competing workshop instructor at the Student Media Congress. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve always dreamed of being part of SMC – so this was really an opportunity I didn’t want to miss for the world.


Got to play professor for a day as I taught the attendees basic hand lettering / the art of drawing letters. NGL, I’m not used to getting noticed in school so my shy self had to concede this time. Haha. Thanks to everyone who attended and had their books signed! :)

Weekend in Hong Kong


Got to spend a weekend in Hong Kong with my friends. Even if it was only for two days, I had no regrets (well, except I still miss our adventures every so often). Also got to visit some artsy places (read all about it here) and got my friends to appreciate it as much as I do.

Day Off CatabolicCafeProcessed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

I rarely have days off (especially with the amount of work I’m doing now) so when I do, it’s definitely for a good reason. Spent last weekend brunching with Macy & Koko at Catabolic Cafe in Malingap, QC. Such a nice place! I haven’t been to Teachers Village in a while and it’s definitely great to see new restos and cafes pop up – complete with lovely interiors and a creative ambiance.

Speaking of creative, we all got to paint and enjoy a good few hours talking and catching up. I also got to drop by the INK Fest – except it was very late and we only stayed for awhile. You can check out Tippy’s post about the event here. :)

Hermit Days

The past few days have made me turn into a legitimate hermit (LOL). I’d spend at least 8-9 hours painting non-stop and crossing out my check list of deliverables. Oh, special thanks also to Tropicana for fueling my creative energy!


More sneak peek work. I can’t reveal everything because it’s going to come out this November. Hehe. Do you have an idea what it is? Let me know!

BTW, my project is featured on Typography Served, Behance’s platform for all things typography. I feel like a legit honor student – thank you so much, Behance for including my project! :)

I’m grateful my space inspires me to keep creating despite the influx of deadlines. Speaking of, my workspace is featured on (THE) Design*Sponge! Special thanks to Lauren Chorpening for making this possible and Ber for all the pretty photos of my HQ!

Been seeing a lot of relevant sayings on my feed lately so I decided to write it all out. Favorite one so far is “Be tough enough to follow through.” Things have been really stressful lately (maybe because of the immense pressure put on me) but I’m really grateful that I’ve got to experience most of it. I’m planning to take a short break from big scale projects until 2015 ends (yeah right) so I hope it pushes through.

Looking forward to submitting my last deadline tomorrow and I’ll be free as a bird…for a few days. Haha.

How’s October been for you? :)

PS: See you at the Behance Portfolio Review this Saturday!

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One Response to “Life, Lately: Efficiency”

  1. Shannelle
    October 28, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    Well, I have a tendency to be quite the stalker, so I zoom in on a lot of your photos to read the fine print. So yes, I do know what this thing is going to be! SO excited po, Ms. Abbey! Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a Christmas gift when I get back to the Pinas in December. :D Although best Christmas gift would be somehow meeting you and then picking your brain on how you do all the things before I have to go back to Shanghai for uni. >.< I have no idea how you balanced uni with all your blogging and lettering. *bows down to the great ABC*