Life, Lately: Resurgence

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Hello. I’m still alive! I promise. *laughs*

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So sorry for leaving the blog on an indefinite break. I know, I know. I’m such a bad blogger! I’ve been meaning to write about things lately but as usual, work always wants to kill me (in a good way).

On another note, this week marks my first year as a full-time artist / author! Woohoo! *confetti*

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I chose the word resurgence because it seems like I involuntarily have to keep myself ALIVE (and busy) until further notice. I’m actually leaving for a beach trip this Thursday and leaving for Japan next Monday (!) so I’m technically screwed. I have to glue my eyes on this laptop until I finish all work and enjoy the semi-vacation I’m giving myself in the coming weeks.


Nevertheless, March was great. Last year’s March was all about adjustments and ironically, this year, I probably have adjusted my life in tune to what I envision it to be – and much better. :) I also gave myself a few days off work (finally!). Got to attend kuya Robert Alejandro’s travel sketching class in Ateneo (ah! exciting things ahead!) and celebrated music with friends at Wanderland festival (The Naked and Famous got me internally crying).



Of course, I had some work-filled weekends. Had a signing at NBS SM Megamall last March 12. It was great! I met so much people I never expected to strike conversations with. Usually, signings just consisted of me signing, taking pictures, and then wrapping up the event. But this time I really got to talk to some of my fans / readers and it was such an enlightening and enriching experience.

I also went back to teaching! I started a new format for my workshops and it feels great to open the year with a clean slate of worksheets and activities. :) If you want to attend a class, sign up here.


Other days were pretty chaotic: shoots, interviews, talks, commission work — sometimes I try to catch up on some sleep, some reading, and *maybe* some workout classes. I’m a struggling 23 year old, no kidding. *tries to balance everything but semi-failing*

Oh, and I think one of my day-makers is Googly Gooeys‘ little human teddy bear, Riley. I’ve been taking snaps of him every time I visit (ehem, a lot) and it’s true that playing with babies really remove stress. Hahaha. So much for being a tita, I officially am one!

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During the past week, I’ve been in a constant state of “PAGOD NA AKO” (I’m tired) and sometimes I drown myself with a lot of questions. Growing pains, maybe? I don’t know. I’m on the verge of wondering whether things and people are just temporary, and maybe in a few blinks of an eye things will end. I don’t know. Should probably shun this mindset off now that I still have x amount of work to finish. *No time for feelings*


Speaking of work, yesterday was pretty wild. Shot a video for my collaboration with Faber-Castell. I’m so excited to show you guys what it looks like! I got to work with a talented production team (!!!) so this is pretty exciting. I also got to work on the overall art direction (aka I chose the pegs, shots, etc) so hopefully things turn out great.

As for now, a clue: it’s about travel illustration. :) I have a few projects lined up as well on that aspect SO expect some news soon!

Anyway, I wish I could write some more but I’m rushing to a dinner as I finish typing this in a cafe. What a crammer I am. Hahaha.

Last words: I told myself this time last year that I’ll take a “year off” corporate life and work on building my personal brand and become a full-time artist. I wasn’t expecting anything (except more sleep lol) but looking back, it feels gratifying to know that things sort of found its way together (did I tell you me resigning was an impulse decision?). Cheesy as it sounds, things really fall into place if you make them. Aaaand a wee bit of luck, if it helps. :)

How’s life so far for you? Hope you’re enjoying the start of summer! Except the heat, of course. *groans*

<3 Abbey

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2 Responses to “Life, Lately: Resurgence”

  1. Béné
    March 22, 2016 at 9:29 pm

    You seem so busy so don’t wory. And there is always twitter :)

  2. Abbey
    March 23, 2016 at 6:38 pm

    Haha. yes, everything is on Twitter!