Life, Lately: Settling


Hello from the HQ!

It’s a relatively slow day as I’m writing this. The sun’s about to set and I just need to start on a lineart for one of my major projects this year.

Now that I look back, August’s been silently chaotic – bursts of happenings on some days, quiet work from home afternoons on others, and non-stop workshops + signings on weekends. It’s also been about (finally) settling into things old & new, and staying focused on whatever’s important right now (i.e. maintaining a decent 8-hour sleep pattern every day + work/life balance even if work is overpowering life on most days – trying my best to do these, no kidding).

Here’s a quick recap of life recently.

ABC HQ Appreciation



Outtakes from the recent shoot I did with Katsy & Tin for the website (, launching soon!) a few weeks ago. Had a lot of fun shooting (except I don’t act well…) and setting up the props – felt like a real production, lol. We also shot this video for my book, The ABCs of Hand Lettering.


Team photo in stripes, yay! (Thank you guys for being easy and fun to work with – can’t wait to see the outputs!)


Okay, admittedly, my room / office / HQ has never been inspiring in the recent months because it was completely messed up – papers everywhere, paint and art materials all piled up, cluttered display elements, et al. Mega thank you to Katsy (& Enya’s Only Time…lol) for helping clean it up after the shoot! I’ve been working on a much efficient rate because of my clean HQ and I’m making it a habit to keep it neat before going to bed every night. :)

Seconds with ABC

S-DeskThis month, I started to teach intermediate hand lettering with watercolor as a medium (aka Seconds) for my workshops. I’ve done 2 classes so far, and it’s been challenging in a good way. Aside from coming up with a new guidebook and further revamping my workshop kit (which I’m very excited to share about soon once I update my portfolio), I was initially nervous on how people would be able to understand this new curriculum.

Alternative statement: I felt like I gave birth again this year. Hahaha. 


Gladly, most of my students already have copies of my book – which I presumed made it easier for them to adapt the techniques and skills I’ve demonstrated in class.

Speaking of my book, thanks to everyone who dropped by my 3rd book signing earlier this month at National Book Store Trinoma! S-MaterialsS-Table2

Messy teacher’s table.


IFEX also generously supplied my workshops with a Paper Station for students to try out different types of paper. Thanks IFEX!

Thank you as well to my first two batches of students for Seconds! You all are such good sports and it’s interesting to see how diverse everyone’s styles are. Can’t wait to see your improvements!

Non-art related things


In other news, I’ve been indulging in a bit of reading here and there. I dropped by the National Book Store Great Warehouse Sale with Tin and wew, that was a crazy afternoon. I picked up a couple of nice books, though!

Also, thanks Tin for the floppy disk (photo above)! Haven’t tried it yet but it’s currently my bookmark. Heh.


Current read: Heart, Smarts, Guts, Luck – a book about entrepreneurship. I’ve been taking notes so far and it’s been a breeze to read, which is good. I particularly am fond of books about strategy / leadership / entrepreneurship / productivity recently (such a far stretch from my YA phase haha).

Other things:

1. Watched Inside Out with Tippy last week. I’m claiming that I’m Sadness and she is Joy (this is a very accurate representation of our friendship). Nonetheless, the movie was really good! I personally felt that it affected more adults than children. The people of Pixar are geniuses, really.

2. Visited Val and Aleyn’s shared studio for the second time last week with Tippy and Mansy for a quick meeting. Super duper love the space! BTW, I’m working with Val on something. More on that soon. *confetti* :)

3. Team ABC is back to 2 again, after adopting 6 girls for the past 5 months. *tears* I’m going to miss everybody, but it’s definitely time for them to pursue their own endeavours as school starts. I’ve queued up a post for this (let’s wait until their graduation hehe) but for now, Aidee & Jas wrote a quick recap of their experiences being part of my team here.


Printed out some snaps from Memorieslab. Super love the quality of their photos!

Color + Paper TestingWaves

This week’s been all about paper and color testing (thanks to new paper types + paint!). Actually, last Tuesday during office day, Tippy and I spent an afternoon testing out watercolors at a restaurant (I’m pretty sure we were judged, lol). I’ve started illustrating more (which I deem is good) and examining the quality of my art materials and its correlation to my style and work (wew, that sounded so geeky).

I bought new Holbein tubes from Deovir, as well as Turner Acryl Gouache tubes from Art Whale for some colors I’ve been wanting to purchase for a long time now. As for paper, I have samples from a client and Moleskine watercolor pads I’m tasked to test out in the coming days. So if there’s anything I’ll be needing to do in the coming days, it’s to paint and draw more. *No excuses*

I’ll share more of my new art materials soon! Also: my blog turns 5 this month, so watch out for a big giveaway in the coming weeks. :)

A peek at my output for my first spread on the small Moleskine watercolor pad. I’ve been rekindling my travels and promised myself to set aside a pad for urban sketching, so I’ll be maintaining this and updating this as often as possible.

The paper quality’s pretty cool – great for painting on-the-go. I’ll share a review on this soon as well. :)Frutz5Speaking of color, Tropicana Frutz is currently brightening up my workspace with some fruit and fizz. Thanks Tropicana Philippines for sending over a package of this refreshing treat! It’s now available at your nearest 7-Eleven branch.

I’m having a giveaway on Instagram, by the way – check out the mechanics here.

Wew, so much for August. How’s it been for you? :)

PS / Other announcements

1. Hope to see you this Saturday at the Philippine Literary Festival! Full details here.

2. In case you’ll be in La Union this weekend, I’m having a workshop as part of Block Party’s Vitamin Sea. Click here to sign up.

3. Will announce workshops this coming September for the last quarter of the year. Oh, and a launch! :) More soon.


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