Life, Lately: Shifting

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I wrote myself an e-mail yesterday and I’m currently keeping up with my pace in life (what did I just type out), so I’ll leave out more photos and less text on this post for a change.

This month’s not over – but my energy level is slowly going down the drain. I realized I’ve been overthinking a lot of things, and that I should shift focus to my own well-being instead. I’ve been haunted by nightmares (about work), chasing deadlines over the past couple of months and trying to fight my right to be a workaholic (because there is and always will be something to work on), only to find out everything’s being backfired to me now that I’m supposedly taking a break from work. *Yeah right* *What break*

Anyway, a few snippets from November so far.

Shooting HQ

I painted today! Quick work from earlier today. Also, secret’s out: that’s usually how my flatlays happen here in the office. :P

#PahingaMunaAnak2015 was two weeks ago? Surreal. I miss every bit of it.


Last client for the year: Bobbi Brown (!) Who wouldn’t say yes to writing on lipsticks? :)


Had a shoot for Project Letters at Summit Media a few weeks back. Played art director for the day (first time!) and worked on 10 layouts with Ishi (above). Despite being a super tiring day, I had fun – and it was such a fun experience. It was a whole day of flatlay here, flatlay there, blu-tack here, blu-tack there…haha. I can say posting on Instagram / my blog / Facebook definitely trained me to be more adept with my flatlay work. Hahaha. Special thanks to Pat Martires for being our photographer, Ishi for helping out in art direction / production design, Koko, Krystle and Kiko for moral support. :)



A few weeks left until Project Letters makes its big reveal! Any guesses? :)

Havaianas Filipinas invites arrived last week. Can’t believe we’re launching next week! *confetti*

BTW, we have a workshop with Havaianas! Check out this post for more info.


BTS from a shoot for Canon Printers earlier this week. I have no clue how shoots work (with me as talent + with me talking) since I’ve only started to be involved in some earlier this year. Wew, this experience! It was eye-opening, of course. Also a reminder to smile more often and how better it looks on camera than being all serious. Lol. Thanks Christie for being my PA!

Daler New things


New babies: watercolor pads from Fully Booked (Daler & Rowney is my holy grail), Midori journal (!) and Pan Am stickers (too pretty not to buy) from Scribe, PITT pens + watercolor pencils c/o Faber Castell Philippines.


Spent the APEC holiday working with Tricie on marketing / planning / strategy. If you’re wondering how I survive social media management / content creation / being an artist / living normally – well, a chunk of it is because of Tricie and her awesome ~manager skillz~. Haha. First time we got to have a legit office day together, too!

We tried out doing a timelapse because it seemed like fun. You can check out the video here.

Pittpens Baskin

Last few dates with Tippy before she gives birth. Often a staple – Baskin Robbins ice cream :P

I sort of always have a theme for what every month entails but I figured that this November should’ve been something in the lines of “relaxation” or “self-worth” but…nope. Let’s stick to shifting. To be honest, I’m looking forward to shift my focus to my travels in the coming weeks (3 places to go before 2015 ends!). And I hope I slowly shift into chill mode as the holidays come up. Definitely not yet feeling the Christmas spirit but…getting there. Lol. Lastly, I hope I get to shift into becoming stronger. I’ve been feeling super weak lately and my thoughts are all over the place…not that you needed to know. But I haven’t been in good mental shape. I hope I get to change it before anything gets worse.


Oh, before I forget. A few things:


ICYMI, my book can also be purchased online via Buqo. This is ideal for those living outside the PH. (But, we’re looking into having them available online soon!)

Also, I’m currently raffling off a Giving Journal 2016 thanks to the folks over at Coffee Bean. You can check out the mechanics + full details on Instagram.



Speaking of journals, Write Now is available for pre-order at Sunday Paper. It’s your all-in-one travel planner + journal, divided into chapters for easier navigation. Don’t forget to take it with you on your next trip! Full details + order at Sunday Paper’s website here.


Hope everyone’s having a good November so far!


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