Life, Lately: What’s New?


“This is all very new to me”, I messaged my publisher last week.

It was the first week of my book being out in the public for everyone to purchase. It’s also the first week of calling myself an Author, as well as an Ambassador for a brand I have loved ever since the beginning. To add to that, it’s also the first week of me having x amount of events piled up almost every day – which is kind of fun, but mostly crazy.

Some concerns now in my life include what to wear (hahaha), how to fit “me time” into my ever so busy schedule, and finding ways to unwind and remind myself that I am still a normal 22-year old. My Instagram has been flooding with notifications, tags, and as I kept checking the #ABCsofHandLettering feed, there happens to be an influx of new posts every day. My days are spent usually outside the HQ, which is both stressful and scary at the same time. The only day I got to sit and work on things at home is today, as I’m typing this post and clearing it out before hitting Publish.

This month is definitely a page turner as I wake up to the dawn of a new day and get myself in the zone for (more) work to come in. So yeah, things are getting pretty…different. And for the first time in many years, I guess adjustment never felt the realest until now.

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It’s ARTern


My girls have been getting a dose of the ABC life this month, because undoubtedly, work came in like a fireball. It was great, though, that we all got to unwind at the start of the month for “It’s ARTern”, a collaborative workshop organized by Mansy, Alexis & yours truly for our interns. Everyone learned the basics of hand lettering, calligraphy and paper marbling and the afternoon was filled with fun and (lots of) food.

I also had some of the team do residencies at my HQ because I needed to do a lot of work. It was fun! Always a delight to have people around the “office” :)

Soloing Singapore (Year 2)


I have to be honest – my Singapore trip was a pretty stressful one. Aside from having to battle e-mails, notifications and social media endeavors, I did a lot of walking under the heat of the sun (I kinda have to remind myself to be better at commuting if I want to live here, yes) throughout my 4-day stay.

But then again, me-time at my favorite country + good food is always a win-win. Wrote about my adventures here.

Stabilo ARTernoon


A day before my book launch, I was invited by Stabilo Philippines for a fun “ARTernoon” with fellow creatives at Bizu in One Rockwell. The fun part about this event was getting to meet artists in various fields – graphic design, illustration, etc (also: I finally got to meet the awesome WeeWillDoodle!). We spent the afternoon bonding over good food and good company.

(Mark, me, Nelz, Karl, Crissey, JB, June, Ava // missing Tippy!)

Thank you, Blaise of Stabilo PH for inviting me to this event! Can’t wait to use my pens – blogging about my new stache of art materials soon.

ABC Book Launch


I’m still in the clouds, to be honest. I have so many things to say about this milestone that it may take me quite a while to digest properly and turn into a blog post. Coming soon. :)


Mega grateful for the team who made this possible – the ABC Book Team (aka some of the best mentors and people to work with ever): Jaykee (Art Director), Macy (Editor in Chief), Koko (Publisher). This is really a dream come true.

ABC for Moleskine


A few days after my launch, I had to prepare for another launch that I was part of – Moleskine, a popular global notebook brand, had a relaunch in Manila to introduce its new line of products. To be called a “creative partner” and contribute work for them is such an honor – I remember starting out my first batch of creative attempts on my first ever Moleskine last 2010. Five years later, things have definitely escalated and I am so excited to share more about my projects for them soon.

Snippets from the launch:


They printed out my work on a huge Moleskine notebook! Tres cool.

Moleskine StampMoleskine Stamp2

Awesome stamps by Dom Ochotorena created especially for Moleskine Philippines.

I got to maximize my non-existent socializing skills during the launch, which was good…I guess. Heh. Anyway, I’ve also got word that Moleskine On The Road slots immediately filled up after our promotion of the workshop. Coolbeans! Also, much pressure. Heh. So excited, though!

Private Book Launch


Celebrated the launch of my book with friends yesterday at Scarsdale. I may have a lot of people to thank for this milestone, but moreso, I am very grateful to my support group (aka my little handful of good friends) since day one for being part of my creative journey. More about it soon!

Special thanks to Scarsdale for providing the delicious food and venue for this event. :)

Hey Kessy x Robert Alejandro

HK-PapemelrotiHK-RobertNGL, I kind of want to freak out internally because I met one of my childhood heroes today at the Hey Kessy Original Washi Tape launch, featuring the new design by Robert Alejandro.

It was such an honor to collaborate with Hey Kessy last year for their washi tape collection (more about it here) and this year, knowing that the Robert Alejandro collaborated with them made me extra excited to attend the launch today.

I’ve been a huge fan ever since Tricie gave me a copy of The Sketching Backpacker two years ago, which inspired me to illustrate my travels and tell stories. Two years later, I finally got to meet my hero and have my work critiqued by him. I also got some nifty advice on creativity and pursuing what I love as a profession (it’s just been 3 months…waaaaa), which was enlightening. Thank you, Mansy, for inviting me! :)

This coming week will definitely be a chaotic one, with Type Lab MNL in full force (it’s on Saturday! AGH) and my brain drilled on finishing my presentation (which I haven’t technically started, and I will do so after finishing this post). So excited, though!

It’s so easy to get consumed with everything that’s happening. On the brighter side though, experiencing new things always gets me in the mood to move, never settle, adapt, and conquer. Easy to say, hard to do – but I’m positive that things will be A-okay. I just need to work extra hard and squeeze in more sleep in the process, lol.

So if you ask me “What’s New” with my life lately, I’ll say, everything.

How’s mid-2015 so far for you? :)

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4 Responses to “Life, Lately: What’s New?”

  1. Trisha
    June 29, 2015 at 12:16 am

    Revel in it because you deserve it! :) Can’t wait for more updates! <3

  2. Abbey
    July 6, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Thank you, Trisha!:)

  3. Pam - Organized! by Pam
    June 30, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    So happy for your successes, Abbey! :) Don’t forget to practice a little bit of self-love — a.k.a. make sure you’re healthy + happy!

    Lots of love,

  4. Abbey
    July 6, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Thanks Pam! :) Congrats on relaunching your blog!