Love, Type 2: A Lettering Workshop

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written by Den Labordo | photos by Ber Garcia

“It’s always better the second time around” – our tagline turned reality.

If you’ve been following our posts about the workshop, then you’re probably already familiar with Love, Type – a lettering workshop conceived over shared interests, childhood friendships, and a lot of coffee. Thanks to our first run and Share the Love – our collaboration with Share Movement – we went into Love, Type 2 with more experience and improved executions that translated to better results (thank heavens).

We had the Hey Kessy Studio as our new backdrop for the workshop which was perfect because how can you not get your creative mojo going in that space with all the washi tape and art filled walls (Added bonus: the Hey Kessy Store right beside it).


Aside from the new venue, we got to collaborate with new sponsors. We had big and small notebooks from Sketchnotes for each participant’s new DIY project, Elvis and Snickers pies from Heston the Happy Monster, Choco Chip and Double Chocolate cookies from Love, Agnessi, much needed coffee from Café Salamat, coupons from Sunday Paper Co., and personalized Love, Type shirts raffled off to three lucky winners from The Society Clothing.


Sketchnotes notebooks with the rest of the goodie bag contents – including a few tokens from Abbey


Individually wrapped cookies from Love, Agnessi


Coffee hot off the press – the coffee press, that is.


Elvis and Snickers pies from Heston the Happy Monster

DSC_0307DSC_0316We decided on using a projector this time around because of how difficult it was to rely on our iPad/whiteboard previously. We went through our lesson proper with the basics, terminology, and got down to business by asking the students to write the word “amazing” in different lettering styles.


When they had that mastered, we taught them how to put it all together by choosing the right layout and embellishments. I have to say, this batch was really good some of them didn’t take long to pick up what we were saying. Ab and I shared our personal lettering techniques and mishaps to give an idea of what to expect and to remember the little known fact that artists tend to forget – it’s okay to make mistakes.

#TeachByABC? lol

Students in the zone

After drafting and perfecting their layouts, it was time to – deep breath – transfer their lettering onto the Sketchnotes notebooks. Their inner perfectionist kicked in as they ever so steadily brought their lettering pieces to life. And of course we all know what happens when everything is finished…


Those looks of admiration though…#PhotographyByABC? Lol okay I’ll stop with the hashtags.


Mandatory Love, Type team picture of Steff, Ab, and I 

We’ve been into organizing events when we were little but none to this extent and I’m glad we constantly challenged ourselves. Love, Type has not only allowed me to spend more quality time with my oh-so-busy friend, but it allowed us to meet more people who share our passions and share what we know as well. It was a way for us to take time from our stressful day jobs to do what we love and I just hope that you guys had as much fun as we had planning and executing it.

Love, Type 2 class

DSC_0588DSC_0667Special thanks to our friends & collaborators for supporting us in this endeavor! You guys are amazing. 

Here’s to starting and ending the year right.

 Love, Type

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4 Responses to “Love, Type 2: A Lettering Workshop”

  1. Jam
    December 9, 2014 at 11:48 pm

    Woohoo!! Congratulations, girls! I’m so proud of you all! Share Movement will forever treasure having you. We’ll forever be here to support you (Abbey, Den & Steff)! Here’s to more Love, Type workshops!<3 <3

  2. Abbey
    December 10, 2014 at 5:44 pm

    Thanks Jam! Congratulations as well to all your workshops this year :)

  3. Sheila mendoza
    December 16, 2014 at 7:58 am

    Im super looking forward for your next workshop!!

  4. Abbey
    December 16, 2014 at 10:23 am

    Will post details soon :) Thanks Sheila!