The Art of Mind-Wandering

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Written by Jasmine Dy

There is nothing wilder than a child’s imagination. We can all attest to that.

As kids, we never had any problems creating a different universe in our minds. We were able to build imaginary worlds and talk to imaginary friends and no one would ever tell us we were insane or that it was unrealistic.

There were no limits as to what we can do, say, or think because we were kids. We weren’t expected to act or think a certain way because we were still learning – but that was only temporary. Just like many of the things we did as a kid, we grow out of being free to let our minds wander.

I remember having to force myself to stop talking to my stuffed animals and stop pretending they could understand me for the sole purpose of being more like a grown-up. As hard as it is to admit that, it’s sadder to think how that’s the normal way of growing up in this world.

If we take notice, as we grow up to be adults, the intensity of our thoughts starts to wane and they become more and more a conformity to what we were taught to think. We slip away from the true value of mind-wandering that we once knew. We ignore it, then forget it completely. We perceive it only as a waste of time.

This is how we know we’ve lost our grasp on childhood.

If we think about it, we never really bring anything from our childhood with us, only memories and our wild imagination, granted we haven’t lost or let go of it yet.

Mind-wandering is the one thing that keeps our hold on it. It allows us to have just as much imagination as a kid. It allows us to generate ideas we wouldn’t have thought had we functioned on the same conscious thinking we have when we do our usual activities.

On second thought, one thing we did as a kid doesn’t seem so immature at all. It’s true what Eleanor Waldorf from Gossip Girl said, “You don’t have to lose the girl to be a woman.”

Childhood taught us a lot of things and in a world where we’re bombarded with work and societal pressures, among other things, it’s time that we go back to what we always did before. It’s time that we get a good grasp on the value of mind-wandering because that’s how great things are created.

So what do you do when life seems to go by so fast that you can’t keep up and you start to burn yourself out? You slow down, close your eyes, and you let your mind wander.

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