On Documenting Travels and Collecting Moments

It takes a good amount of passion for exploring the world to appreciate its beauty. And while I’m not the most dedicated traveler out there, I do find happiness venturing into uncharted territory every now and then. Moreover, my fascination for documenting my travels has given my trips more meaning and fulfillment not only as an artist, but also as a travel-loving individual.Europe

I started drawing in transit two years ago, after getting too bored listing down facts and interesting trivia about the places I’ve visited while going on trips. Over the years, I found myself constantly lugging around a sketchbook every time I travel. Aside from that, I’ve found it to be a great de-stresser from the daily grind of hand lettering. As interesting as it may seem, my work as a hand letterer entails precision, fine attention to detail, and above all, a steady hand. In contrast to that, travel illustration entails none of the above – except, having a looser hand and a better eye at seeing things and translating them into art.

I’ve found travel illustration to be a therapeutic thing, and in the process, I’ve found the perfect person to share my appreciation for “moment collecting” (a term I coined up after realizing how many journals I’ve kept – complete with collages of photos, memorabilias, and artworks at that) with – Mikka Wee, whose love for travel and writing (and food) definitely puts her in the best place to teach with me. MoleskineOTR MoleskineSneakPeek

Prior to workshop teaching, Mikka & I have been collaborating on projects and events. Last year, we released our first postcard set called Traveling Type (below). We’ve also organized a mini travel bazaar called Suitcase Souvenirs (which is making a comeback this December, more news soon!).

This year, we’ve started to collaborate into teaching a Moment Collecting Workshop, combining our love for travel illustration & writing into one class. Below are snippets from our first workshop in partnership with Moleskine.

Workshop photos by Katsy Garcia

MoleskineOTR3 MoleskineOTR4

It was an insightful afternoon last July with our students as they learned how to organize their travels through drawing and writing. Moreover, it was great to see them feel less intimidated with drawing (at first, they seemed scared, lol). I always tell my students that drawing architectural sites or people when it comes to urban sketching doesn’t have to be exactly similar to what rules entail – it’s really what you see and how you interpret it that will truly make it your own aesthetic and body of work. MoleskineOTR


After much demand for this class, guess what – we’re having a part two this Sunday. Hope you can join us!

Full details of the workshop on the poster below.


We’re having our workshop in partnership with Design Cafe this September 27. It’s going to be an afternoon of creativity and travel. Hope to see you! :)

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