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Most people see lettering as words drawn out beautifully – but as a lot of you all know, there is so much more behind every artwork you see. Each artist is different in terms of style and at the same time, uses different tools of the trade for their art. Some artists nowadays rely on digital tools such as using a tablet and pen instead of the traditional tools such paint to create. The lettering landscape is changing and I am constantly caught in between what I’m used to, what I love and its constant evolution.

Lettering is a really traditional and old field of art, but it’s only been revived recently, as more and more people are transitioning to anything handmade and traditional. As a letterer, it’s very important to adapt since the digital era is making waves. The struggle, really, is to stay true to lettering and really learn the craft but at the same time, be in touch with its developments may it be in how you create it, what style you use or even on the digital end of things.



Nothing beats the basics – despite the numerous availability of different products now in the market (brush pens, etc), I still prefer using traditional materials (watercolors + fineliners) not because they’re accessible and easy to find, but also since it’s pretty much the basic tools that every artist needs (before further advancing into the craft). Aside from that, I feel that traditional materials have a certain versatility that digital does not have. My work is a reflection of that. I love doing everything by hand – the pencil marks, the paint on my skin, it’s all a part of what I love. There is a certain imperfection that comes from doing things by hand, and there is a certain love that comes with it that I am very much inspired by to create my work.

But as much as I love the traditional way of doing things, it’s always important to keep moving out of my comfort zone – most of which is digital work. My process pretty much remains the same except for an added layer of manipulating my work on a computer. It’s a challenge – trying to maintain traditional elements in spite of rendering the final output digitally. But on the plus side, the learning and experimenting process is exciting and always serves as a reminder that there is something new to explore. Frutz3  Discover

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