Here are some of artworks/designs from 3 of the speakers yesterday at Graphika Manila. Actually, these were my favorites because their works are all amazing (to the point where I’m already squealing because these people are beyond awesome).

So I practically spent the whole night last night and earlier today thinking if I’m still creative enough after seeing all these. 

The best speakers for me were Rob Cham & Christian San Jose of Create.PH because they shared a lot of insights about their work and how to survive in the creative/design industry. I’ve been following their works for quite some time already and it was great to see them and hear them talk about Create.PH. 

Another local artist, JP Cuison, showcased his gig posters which were breathtakingly beautiful. His works are very pop art-ish but in a Pinoy way. He’s also a Senior Art Director for Publicis JimenezBasic. 

I have to give it to Hydro74 for being best friends with the pen tool - his eye for detail never ceases to amaze me. All his works are bursting with detail and I loved every bit of it (especially the pink & blue half tone one!). 



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