ADRAPHO (Advertising Photography) Project Outputs

1. Dear Ruby Sparks (Light Painting of Still Life Photography)

- this is going to be my forever favorite (obvious reasons, guys)

2. Down River (Slow Shutter Speed Photography)

3. Northern Light (Backlighting and Silhouettes)

4. Together (Perspective & Distortion)

5. Dog Days (Freezing of Animal Movement)


Just some of the outputs I’ve submitted for Photography class so far. I like how challenging this major subject is considering I do take photos but I’m not technically equipped with the right skills yet.

All of these are unedited, which is something I’m proud of. I’ve always gotten used to post processing and this class helped me explore more of what my camera can do. 

View more on my Flickr (yes, I’m on Flickr!).

  1. melbuhia said: You’re so good at photography! :D I love every shot.
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