Yesterday, I dropped by Third Cup Cafe to do lettering work on their glass walls. Luckily, it’s the last week of the semester (and my last week as a college student!) so I (sort of) have more time to do other things such as this one. 

Sometimes I overestimate my capabilities and end up suffering after - I didn’t have lunch and I had to draw on a huge wall, jeez. My arms were so sore after and it’s not helping that I’m not that tall (*sigh*). Anyway, this is just me ranting (lol). 

I have to say, this is definitely (hands down) one of the best cafes I’ve been to - brick walls, homey interior and really good music (sorry, I’m biased: they played The 1975, The Naked and Famous, Passion Pit, Of Monsters and Men and all the indie songs I know). I have yet to try the food but I got a complimentary drink which tasted really good!

If only I lived near Katipunan or studied in Ateneo (my used-to-be dream schoolI’d probably stay here most of the time. It’s the perfect place to study or just to chill.

Much thanks to Danica for letting me contribute some work here! I’ve always wanted to have my work done on a coffee shop, so I’m ticking this off my bucket list. Yay! :-) And congrats on Third Cup Cafe! Definitely coming back soon.

Third Cup Cafe is located at 91 Concon Bldg., Rosa Alvero St., Katipunan Ave., QC (behind Shakey’s). Check them out on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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