Finally doing a Throwback post after so long!

It feels so surreal how it’s been two years since I gave my first talk (at Ateneo, of all places). Better yet, I have no idea how an introvert like me could manage to speak in front of a big group of people for seven times already. I guess doing a monologue run through before the presentation always helps (lol).

The ironic thing is, I’ve always had this goal of sharing what I know, and I guess this was one of the avenues that indirectly led me to do so. And here are my attempts to make my presentations more appealing - I Photoshop my slides, all of them (what taking up Advertising does to me, apparently).

I’m having my eighth talk on the eighth of February (this Saturday) - coincidence much! It’s one of the most challenging ones I’ll be doing ‘cause it’s not something I’m fully knowledgeable about (Instagram and its implications for brands) compared to the previous talks I’ve given (about h.e.a.r.t., blogging, typography) and it’s for a business conference in our school. Nevertheless, I feel very grateful and blessed - and scared and nervous!

Wish me luck! 

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