Slide designs for my talk yesterday at the 8th Global Business Conference held in DLSU. I talked about Instagram and its implications for brands. With the emergence of digital marketing and social media, it really is becoming an efficient and effective tool for brands to gain exposure. I talked more about personal branding and shared a bit on how I used Instagram to further build my brand (which is this blog!).

I’ll admit this was one of the talks I was most nervous about (self-esteem problems just NEVER seem to go away) but with the help of my friends who continuously mentored and guided me from content planning to public speaking, it all worked out well. Super grateful to have people who continuously support what I do. :)

And obviously I spent a huge amount of time trying to do typography and graphics on my slides because I cannot stand just using Arial or Helvetica fonts - which were the suggested typefaces I use for the presentation.

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