Decorate Your Workspace with Postcards


As most of you know, I’m quite particular with decorating my workspace. I’m quite the hoarder for really good decor and storage solutions only because I want my room to be a conducive area to create and stay constantly inspired.

When I designed Letters from ABC a few months back, I knew that the postcards had to be of double purpose – the same way I use my own collection of postcards (as art prints).


Let’s admit it, when you’re abroad and you’re on a limited budget (or you’re just as stingy with spending as I am), the most accessible and inexpensive form of art you can get is a postcard. Which is why I decided to integrate a few words and slogans in between – I knew it had to be elsewhere apart from just the mailbox (or inside the box!).


Aside from using them for mailing, Letters from ABC postcards are also great additions to your workspace. Hang them on your inspiration board, frame them up on your wall and spruce up your room with inspiring words and quotes hand lettered by yours truly. :)

Since each Letters from ABC postcard set comes in 2 copies of each design, you’re sure to keep one displayed and you can give one away of course – to a friend, relative, or someone special (more on this post).  18

May these letters constantly keep you inspired and urge you to move forward with your dreams, aspirations, and whatever goals and passions you plan to pursue. :)


Quick tips for decorating with postcards: 

(1) Take a trip to the department store and get yourself some inexpensive frames to insert your postcards in.

(2) Or, hoard some office clips and blu tack for instant wall decor (literally just stick them on your wall altogether or cork board).

(3) Get yourself a few wooden clips, create a mini mobile of sorts and just attach some of your favorite postcards together!

More tips here c/o Real Living magazine. :)

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how mine looks like – it’s as simple as that (below). I sent myself postcards last December and I got a few as well so I displayed some of them. Fun fact: the (E) & (P) artworks are my favorites!

I got this DIY wall hanging clip thing from Sweden btw :)

Photo 03-03-2016, 12 30 12 PM

Anyway, I’ll be having a signing event for Letters from ABC this coming March 12, Saturday, at NBS SM Megamall. Hope you can come and say hi!


Letters from ABC postcards and The ABCs of Hand Lettering book will be available at the venue. Please note that we will not allow signing of the book if you don’t have a box of Letters from ABC postcards.

This is one of the rare times I’m going to have signings / events this year (I’ll be busy over the summer for another project) so I hope to see you there. Say hi! :)

Photos by Pat Martires & Googly Gooeys

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