I’m writing at a very inconvenient time – it’s 6PM; just a few minutes after a busy work day spent out and about the vicinities of a traffic laden area (Makati – Katipunan – QC), and I have a bunch of projects to work on before this day ends.

I’ve been meaning to “sit down” and type, and get myself together every time I have a blog post to write, but with my current line of things to do, I just never seem to find the right time – or rather, never seem to make time for myself and this blog anymore.

Being an adult at 22 has got me going absolutely crazy – the kind of crazy that puts me on the highest of highs and the lowest of lows on an almost daily basis. This job is all sorts of unpredictable, and I’m not speaking in relation to it being half-freelance (half-workshops, a portion, retail). Doing what you love is not just an act of sacrifice; it’s a constant challenge to pull away from drowning oneself in work and forgetting how to act human in the process. It’s also a reminder of how much hard work and dedication is needed to stay in the game, and to keep surviving at it.

Six months of being a full-time artist (slash project manager, social media manager, accounts person, creative director etc) has definitely been a whirlwind, and there really are days that my batteries run out on impulse. Yesterday, I queued up a pile of tasks and ended up doing none, because my brain and body weren’t functioning properly – and I finally forgave myself.

Earlier today, I regained a bit of it and started to remember a few things: the reasons why I deliberately left my comfort zone, the exciting new things I’ve been working on, and my extended long weekend two weekends ago at La Union.

“You’re leaving…again?”, something my mom would always say when I deliberately book a trip abroad or plan a road trip with friends (or in this case, I have work in LU). With this lifestyle, it’s impossible to stay happy in the city and go about the daily grind, I’ve realized. Half of the ideas I’ve spent visualizing start in transit (call it a good excuse to travel regularly, ha), and half of them start out after a peaceful few hours with myself at an unfamiliar place.



I watched the sunrise for the first time on the first of September with Mansy. Growing up in the city limited my window view (literally), and the only light I would see every morning was a small dent from my attic’s window (which didn’t give justice to the beauty of dawn). I found clarity after that; sleeping in and spending a good amount of down time resting up until reality slowly seeped its way back into my system after the bus dropped us at the station that night.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s a quick recap from my weekend spent at La Union.

Block Party hosted a crafty weekend called Vitamin Sea, at Flotsam & Jetsam last August 29th. I was one of the teachers for the workshops and apart from that, there were a bunch of other activities rounding up the weekend.

Art-June Art-Jelvin

Murals by the talented June Digan & Jelvin Base (respectively). It was a half-work, half-play kind of weekend – a good transition for my workaholic self.

Speaking of work-life balance, the best thing we artists could do to deliberately make the most of our weekend was…to paint. :)

Art-paintmeet2 Art-flatlay

And take pictures in the morning, lol. Above are artworks by me, Tippy and June. We spent a night having an impromptu “paint meet” (it finally happened!) and talking about the most mundane things – watercolor styles, art materials, and everything in between. It was fun. Looking forward to another one soon. :)


I also spent some time illustrating in between workshops and breaks (you can read up on my Moleskine watercolor pad review here). It’s always good to just draw for the sake of it; not for any deadline of some sort.

Thanks to El Union‘s Dirty White for keeping me sane, too. I called in almost-sick on my first day, and this was an instant picker-upper. :) BTW, super glad they relocated inside FlotJet! Loving the bahay kubo feel.


LU-ElUnion LU-ElUnion2

I realize that I’ve been in Flotsam & Jetsam for the nth time already, but I’ve never paid much attention to the A+ interiors. Thanks to my 5 year old camera for capturing all this!VS-Paint2


So, I have this habit of collecting leaves…and taking photos of lights / street signs when in transit –


FJ-Sign FJ-Rooms

and hotel interiors, especially if they’re this quirky and colorful.

I tagged along Tippy’s workshop as per usual, and helped out on documentations.

Tippy WS-Macy3

That’s Macy, caughtgrammin’ our Milo cookie skillet (which was nomz by the way).

Tippy WS-Mansy

Mansy practicing her brush lettering.TippyMansy

Two of my favorite people in the world, who also happen to be my pseudo big sisters. :)Tippy WS-1

Tippy WS-3

LU-SIgnCapped off the long weekend with a drink (sometimes, I act my age, lol), life reflections, lots of sleep (and food, especially the pizza!), a good amount of silence by the sea, and higher hopes for tomorrow.

Thanks, Block Party for making this event possible, as well as bringing along some of my favorite artists / friends! Definitely a weekend for the books. :)

* * *

So, it’s back to reality, and I’m excited for what’s ahead – despite the daily dose of craziness adult life brings. Here’s to hoping I get by, as per usual.

How did the start of your month go? :)

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