Birthweek Recap + Events/Announcements

I always look forward to the start of the year because January is my birth month. I just turned twenty three last week, and here’s a quick recap of how I spent it, events/announcements you don’t wanna miss out on this month, plus an update on my 100 Movies a Year project. :)

Twenty Three

January 14, 2016 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Collaborations, Personal 18 Comments

Today marks my twenty third year as a legitimate human being on this place called earth. Yay!

Twenty Two

January 14, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Personal 8 Comments

I wrote a birthday post last year on turning twenty one so I figured that it’s going to be a yearly thing for me now. Warning: personal drama in words below. There is always an odd feeling when people tell me about my birthday and turning a year older. That odd feeling of excitement, of happiness, of fear, […]