Laro, Lasap, Lakbay

November 16, 2015 Filed Under: Art, Collaborations, Events, Workshop 2 Comments

Let me trace it back to earlier this year. In between juggling my (then) day job, I remember panicking on a presentation I had to fix for a pitch – yes, a pitch. For a freelance design client. Not just any client – it was Havaianas. WEW. Imagine my nerves when I had to collate ideas + […]

On Documenting Travels and Collecting Moments

It takes a good amount of passion for exploring the world to appreciate its beauty. And while I’m not the most dedicated traveler out there, I do find happiness venturing into uncharted territory every now and then. Moreover, my fascination for documenting my travels has given my trips more meaning and fulfillment not only as an artist, […]

Moleskine Watercolor Pad: A Review

I still remember the first time I purchased a set of watercolors (and started to paint for the fun of it). It was four years ago (this is proof), and I wasn’t quite familiar on how the medium behaved; for some reason, I just knew that I would end up loving it and using it […]