Scarsdale: Where Creativity and Appetites Collide

June 13, 2015 Filed Under: Events, Sponsored Post, Team ABC 4 Comments

Photos by Christie Lim | Text by Adrienne Tan  | Type by Abbey Sy Inspired by suburban town and namesake, Scarsdale in New York City, this restaurant cafe offers sanctuary for the creative and hungry minds (& stomachs) right in the middle of bustling Metro Manila.  Against a red brick wall and splashes of color, customers […]

Passion + Process

April 1, 2015 Filed Under: Feature 1 Comment

If you asked me last year what I envisioned my art to become in the coming years, I’ll honestly (and blatantly) tell you that I have no idea. Fast forward to this year, and it feels like this is probably where I’m meant to be. The universe may not have plotted it out this way from day […]

February: This Month, So Far

February 18, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Daily Life, Events, Friends & Family, Talk, Workshop 11 Comments

I don’t know if there’s a specific time of the month that I simply shut off from writing or doing creative things – but I do it anyway (which explains my no-show here on the blog for a week – again). It’s become more of a habit that I haven’t been able to break for the past […]