Life Lately: Independence

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    Hello! Took me quite a while to go back to writing because *new work* has come in this month, and I haven’t been on pause for the longest time. Anyway, it’s a Wednesday, and I’m glad I’m working from home until the sun sets (or until I finish…which is usually past midnight, lol). Quick […]


I’m writing at a very inconvenient time – it’s 6PM; just a few minutes after a busy work day spent out and about the vicinities of a traffic laden area (Makati – Katipunan – QC), and I have a bunch of projects to work on before this day ends. I’ve been meaning to “sit down” […]

New Discoveries

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Most people see lettering as words drawn out beautifully – but as a lot of you all know, there is so much more behind every artwork you see. Each artist is different in terms of style and at the same time, uses different tools of the trade for their art. Some artists nowadays rely on […]