Moleskine On The Road: A Moment Collecting Workshop

June 16, 2015 Filed Under: Events, Team ABC, Workshop 2 Comments

Poster by Katsy Garcia | Type by Abbey Sy Moleskine On The Road is a workshop on expressing your passion for travel through moment collecting by yours truly and Mikka Wee. We have partnered with Fully Booked​ and Moleskine​ to bring you a one-of-a-kind workshop experience by sharing our insights on travel through illustration & writing. Mikka […]

Musings on Materials (+ a Giveaway!)

April 16, 2015 Filed Under: Artsy Advice, Giveaway, Sponsored Post 242 Comments

Here’s the thing: I have this frustration with using new art materials. It’s either I’m too intimidated by it (especially with high end, expensive brands) or I end up storing them for a long time and not using them because it freaks me out. *Me and my weird tendencies* But during my trip to Paris, […]

Adventure Awaits at the Tintin Shop

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At some point in our lives, we’ve probably encountered The Adventures of Tintin in bookstores and on our television screens – and its historical and heroic stories often remind us of childhood fantasies we’ve always wanted to come to life.  Well, let’s just say my imaginative self yearns for things like these, even if I’m […]