Life, Lately: Restructuring

April 15, 2016 Filed Under: Abbey, Daily Life, Personal, Worldly Whereabouts 7 Comments

Hello, internet! I’m sorry for the lack of the updates. I’ve been busy catching up on life and I haven’t had enough time to actually sit down and write non-work stuff. I’m just sneaking in this post before other things get in the way of my currently busy schedule. To make up for my absence, […]

Moleskine Watercolor Pad: A Review

I still remember the first time I purchased a set of watercolors (and started to paint for the fun of it). It was four years ago (this is proof), and I wasn’t quite familiar on how the medium behaved; for some reason, I just knew that I would end up loving it and using it […]

ABC x Rainbowholic: Touring Tokyo

June 8, 2015 Filed Under: Sponsored Post, Worldly Whereabouts 3 Comments

I’m pretty selective with the countries I book trips for. Well, okay – I’ve been to most places I’ve dreamed of (except New York and Greece, top of mind), and I also have my default favorite, Singapore (where I’m bound for today!). But nothing will ever compare to Tokyo, I realize. There’s a certain Japanese […]