Laro, Lasap, Lakbay

November 16, 2015 Filed Under: Art, Collaborations, Events, Workshop 2 Comments

Let me trace it back to earlier this year. In between juggling my (then) day job, I remember panicking on a presentation I had to fix for a pitch – yes, a pitch. For a freelance design client. Not just any client – it was Havaianas. WEW. Imagine my nerves when I had to collate ideas + […]

Workshops: November 2015

November 3, 2015 Filed Under: Workshop 0 Comments

Ever since 2015 started, I’ve always prioritized my weekends for workshops – and it’s been an integral part of who I am & what I do. For me, educating others about the art of drawing letters has enabled me to share my passion to those who are interested in the craft – and I feel that […]

October: This Month, So Far

October 11, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Daily Life, Events, Feature 3 Comments

Hola! I haven’t been doing any writing lately because of the sudden influx of work – most of it requires endless hours of painting, illustrating, and participating in shoots and events for features and clients. Craziest first week of October, definitely. Anyway, I know this month is going to be extra busy for me (huhu […]