Life Lately: Independence

September 30, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Daily Life, Events, Personal, Work in Progress, Workshop 2 Comments

    Hello! Took me quite a while to go back to writing because *new work* has come in this month, and I haven’t been on pause for the longest time. Anyway, it’s a Wednesday, and I’m glad I’m working from home until the sun sets (or until I finish…which is usually past midnight, lol). Quick […]


I’m writing at a very inconvenient time – it’s 6PM; just a few minutes after a busy work day spent out and about the vicinities of a traffic laden area (Makati – Katipunan – QC), and I have a bunch of projects to work on before this day ends. I’ve been meaning to “sit down” […]

Life, Lately: Settling

Hello from the HQ! It’s a relatively slow day as I’m writing this. The sun’s about to set and I just need to start on a lineart for one of my major projects this year. Now that I look back, August’s been silently chaotic – bursts of happenings on some days, quiet work from home […]