Moleskine Watercolor Pad: A Review

I still remember the first time I purchased a set of watercolors (and started to paint for the fun of it). It was four years ago (this is proof), and I wasn’t quite familiar on how the medium behaved; for some reason, I just knew that I would end up loving it and using it […]

Moleskine On The Road: A Moment Collecting Workshop

June 16, 2015 Filed Under: Events, Team ABC, Workshop 2 Comments

Poster by Katsy Garcia | Type by Abbey Sy Moleskine On The Road is a workshop on expressing your passion for travel through moment collecting by yours truly and Mikka Wee. We have partnered with Fully Booked​ and Moleskine​ to bring you a one-of-a-kind workshop experience by sharing our insights on travel through illustration & writing. Mikka […]