Travel Art Tools

As most of you are probably aware, I have a penchant for travel + adventure. And apart from that, I also love notebooks – to the point that I would bring at least 2-3 notebooks every time I pack for a trip (only because I’m very indecisive with my essentials). There’s the usual art / […]

Snippets: June to September

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This part of the year has been incredibly amazing – and a little crazier than usual. Every time I try to look back at how things have ended up to be this way, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything that’s happened so far. So in traditional Tumblr (huhu, I miss Tumblr!) format, sharing […]

Staycation + Relaxation

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During the last week of July, we flew to Cebu for a workshop with Joan & Klaire – and it was definitely a great experience to be able to teach outside of Manila. While the two-day workshops kept us busy the whole day, nothing spelled staycation better than staying at The Henry Hotel in Banilad. […]