Life Lately: Independence

September 30, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Daily Life, Events, Personal, Work in Progress, Workshop 2 Comments

    Hello! Took me quite a while to go back to writing because *new work* has come in this month, and I haven’t been on pause for the longest time. Anyway, it’s a Wednesday, and I’m glad I’m working from home until the sun sets (or until I finish…which is usually past midnight, lol). Quick […]

Snippets: June to September

September 23, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Friends & Family, Personal 0 Comments

This part of the year has been incredibly amazing – and a little crazier than usual. Every time I try to look back at how things have ended up to be this way, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything that’s happened so far. So in traditional Tumblr (huhu, I miss Tumblr!) format, sharing […]

Life, Lately: Rekindling

July 22, 2015 Filed Under: Abbey, Art, Daily Life, Personal, Team ABC, Work in Progress 0 Comments

Life lately has been about rekindling – remembering the forgotten, finding more meaning with my life’s purpose, and giving myself the freedom to just let loose and not care for a little while (but still, keeping tabs of current things in life). The daily grind has been slowly fading out lately – I’ve been worn […]