Journal Roundup 2016

I’ve written about the notebooks I use last year on this blog (and on Tumblr 4 years ago & 5 years ago ~wew~), so I figured I’d share my current arsenal of notebooks / paper-bounded products this year as well (and maybe, this will be a yearly thing!). To be honest, being an adult has influenced my notebook usage (in a […]

The Art of Mind-Wandering

May 29, 2015 Filed Under: Team ABC 0 Comments

Written by Jasmine Dy There is nothing wilder than a child’s imagination. We can all attest to that. As kids, we never had any problems creating a different universe in our minds. We were able to build imaginary worlds and talk to imaginary friends and no one would ever tell us we were insane or […]

Chapter 1: On Leaving

Kicking off the Life in Transit series of posts with Chapter 1 – a first of 5. Here’s to hoping you get to know more about the inside stories of this trip and everything else that has transpired in between this crazy yet fun adventure.  I’m the type who never settles – for anything less, for […]