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Life in Transit // 05

Have you ever felt that there are just too many amazing things happening that you just have to take a step back and have a moment to take it all in first?

That’s exactly how I feel about Singapore.

I’ve been to this country so many times already but it always feels like home to me - this is me considering settling here soon, if there are chances. So far this week has been nothing short of amazing - from touristy sightseeing to book hoarding to catching up with old friends and feeling much like a local (I’ll coin this as benefits of being born Chinese lol), I can’t really point out any negative thing for this part of Life in Transit (except I did fall on my butt the other day and got left by the train…).

It seems so fast how we’ll be back in Manila shores a week after next. I’m feeling iffy and excited about it - but I can’t keep on evading reality, so yeah - time to adjust (again).

Hope everyone’s having a great day!

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Life in Transit // 04

A recap of the past week spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand - definitely enjoyed this part of our trip. From spontaneous cafe visits around the city, elephant riding and caretaking, crazy night market shopping to traditional Thai cooking, this was definitely for the books.

Although we’re getting quite hesitant to spend now (thank goodness the stuff in Thailand are cheap - even the delicious food), so far it’s been great. Except for the fact that I am slowly doing some work at night (which we agreed I am not supposed to do) and getting negative thoughts to consume my thoughts.

Heading to Singapore tonight, and nope, not gonna let that happen. I need this break - I need to stay focused on my freedom while I still have it. :)

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Life in Transit // 02

Highlights of Siem Reap - art, books, coffee and culture.

Spending 6 days in Siem Reap was definitely loads of fun. Temple run (literally) in the morning, downtime at nearby cafes in the afternoon (also did some work for Pepper -I’m now a contributor!) plus shopping at the local market (wherein I hoarded a lot of art) and takeout dinners (sometimes, dinners at Pub Street). I love how laid back Siem Reap is and how friendly and kind the people are - definitely returning sooner than ever (once I get back to saving up!).

Anyway, almost 2 weeks into Life in Transit! :) I’m trying to slowly adjust to doing minor projects while I’m abroad just so I won’t get shocked suddenly when I return in August. Right now, I’m struggling to figure out what my next step in life is - buuut I’d rather not share about it in this post.

For the meantime, follow me & Tricie’s updates on our Instagram hashtag #lifeintransit2014. ;)

Down time yesterday at the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center.

This post officially marks week 1 of Life in Transit - 3 more (exciting) weeks to go!

So far I’ve been (aside from doing lots of explorations of course) drawing a lot every day (on my travel journal), brainstorming ideas for future projects this year (can’t help it, work really sticks with me sometimes), reading books on long bus trips (currently reading Landline!) and learning to detach from my iPod ‘cause I forgot my adaptor (*cries*).

We just arrived in Siem Reap today after that grueling 7 hour bus trip. The weather was scorching hot, which I know is the exact opposite in Manila. Hope everyone’s doing well in the Philippines and please stay safe and dry! Regards from miles away in Southeast Asia. ;)

PS More updates on our Instagram hashtag #lifeintransit2014 :)

Life in Transit // 01


I’m currently in transit (you don’t say…) as I’m typing this. Fifth day (out of 30) today!

Last week was spent exploring Ho Chi Minh, the capital city of Vietnam. We got to take in a bit of their culture through the delicious food and notable places we visited. We also spent 50% of our time drinking Vietnamese coffee (it is SO GOOD) and trying out a lot of different cafes in the city (because we’re both suckers for good coffee). It went swell.

We took the bus yesterday going to Phnom Penh - this time, the capital city of Cambodia. Earlier today was spent visiting some historical sites - Wat Phnom, the Killing Fields and National Museum. The Khmer culture is pretty interesting (and tragic). I’ll talk about it soon once I get to posting photo diaries.

It’s amazing how there are so much things to see and discover while traveling. Every day I am instilled with new knowledge and a better understanding of things and how life goes - and these are things I don’t get to experience in Manila.

That’s it for now; off to a lot more places for the rest of July. Check #lifeintransit2014 for more updates from Tricie & I. We’re brewing up some mini projects too in this trip, so watch out for that!

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful Sunday so far! :)

Life in Transit 2014

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Instagram, you may have noticed my travel posts lately - yup, I’m out of Manila for 30 days! My friend and fellow travel geek Tricie & I are currently backpacking across some parts of Southeast Asia for a month (YUP). Keep posted on our adventures as I’ll upload some photos here weekly. You can also check #lifeintransit2014 on Instagram. :) 

Either way, I’ve queued a month’s worth of posts here for everyone, so technically my blog’s not on hiatus - but I am! This is the biggest break and craziest adventure I’ve been waiting for this year - and I can’t wait to share stories here about it soon!

We’re done with Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam this week and off to Phnom Penh, Cambodia tomorrow - wish us a safe trip! :)

Have a great weekend as well!

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