Holiday Giveaway!

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As a way of saying thanks to everyone (majority are you guys) who helped make this year extra amazing for me, I’m giving out a #madebyabc package! One lucky reader will get to win #madebyabc stickers, a notebook, print, bookmarks, Hey Kessy’s Make Things Happen washi tape and a Hodge Podge bookmark – both designed by me.

You can join via the Rafflecopter widget below. Best of luck!

Open to Philippine residents only.

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ABC Favorites: Holiday Gift Ideas

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Starting a new monthly series on the blog aptly called “ABC Favorites”. Here I talk mostly about things I particularly like – mostly in lists. And sometimes, I feature some of my favorite brands as well – you get the gist. Hope you enjoy reading through!


Christmas is nearing – and I’m sure some of us are still doing last minute shopping for gifts (trust me, I did too)! The thing is, I’m pretty picky with my gift selections – my top choices are usually paper goods, craft materials or something memorable worth keeping (usually travel-related) and adding a personal spin to it (such as doing a bit of lettering on it). I take time wrapping my gifts and sometimes, even add a small note to my presents – I don’t know, I just want people to feel special whenever they receive things from me (#cheesylol).

With that, I came up with a quick roundup of some of my favorite homegrown holiday gift ideas this season. I love how a lot of local brands have emerged this year and have become my staples for gifting. So if you’re clueless on what to give to your artsy, fun-loving best friend / sister / girlfriend (or basically whoever), here are some of my recos!

Sunday Paper

1. Sunday Paper: Essentials

For your go-getter bff, Sunday Paper’s line of Essential notebooks is a perfect fit. The brand carries two variants: Today, which resembles a daily planner segregated into personal & work-related taks; and Notes and Ideas, which makes it easier to jot down instant light bulb moments for when you’re on-the-go.

Other than these notebooks, they also have unlined notebooks & other gift wrapping essentials you might like. Check out Sunday Paper’s shop, Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Hey Kessy washi tape

2. Hey Kessy: Make Things Happen

(First of all, shameless plug: I designed this!)

For that crafty friend of yours, it’s easy to give out a few rolls of washi tape to make her giddy in an instant. But this particular design (which I collaborated with Hey Kessy on) makes crafting extra special – with words like “Make Things Happen” embedded on the roll, it’s impossible to not get motivated with such strong and powerful words.

Tip: Add in a few more goodies from Hey Kessy’s shop to make your present extra special! Check out Hey Kessy’s online store or drop by their shop at Esteban Abada, Quezon City.


3. Sketchnotes: Handbound notebooks

For those looking into personalizing their presents, Sketchnotes offers a wide range of plain, unlined kraft notebooks in various sizes. My favorite is the mini sized one as it’s extra handy and perfect to carry around especially when you’re on-the-go.


I ordered a few pieces myself this Christmas and hand lettered the covers for gifts.

Take your pick from the variety of notebooks Sketchnotes has on Facebook.

Boho Teepee

4. Boho Teepee: Dreamcatchers

Looking to add a little oomph to your room? The Boho Teepee can make that happen. These handmade dreamcatchers come in different colors and stones and are beautifully packaged – they make for effortlessly beautiful gifts to that special someone.

More designs available on their shop and follow them on Instagram. Place your orders here.

Paper Street 1

5. Paper Street: Paper Goods

Paper lovers out there would definitely appreciate Paper Street, which offers a selection of paper goods – from wrappers, notebooks to notecards, they’ve got you covered.

Paper Street 2Paper Street 4

Browse through their holiday catalog and check out their shop for order inquiries.

Hodge Podge4

6. Hodge Podge

For bottlecap accessories that make a statement, Hodge Podge always hits the spot. Bottlecap accessories come in keychains, pens, ID buddies, bookmarks and many others!

Hodge Podge 1

Here are some of the designs I did for them. For other designs and products available, check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

The last has got to be my favorite:

Paano Ba To 1

7. Paano Ba To?! by Bianca Gonzalez

Not emphasizing the fact that I am the letterer of this book (!!!), but B gives helpful tips & advice in this first book of hers, entitled Paano Ba To. Perfect for that person who still hasn’t figured out things yet and would want a “helping hand” at living life, this book goes through different chapters – from friendship, family, purpose, career and many more to inspire and motivate young girls to aim high, reach their dreams and win at life.

Paano Ba To 3

Grab a copy of Paano Ba To at National Bookstore.

* * *

Also, shameless plug:

Made by ABC

Made by ABC notebooks are still available! Purchase your last orders at the shop before I close all online transactions tomorrow.

IMG_5484Same goes for #TravelingType. Orders will close tomorrow. Order form here.

Hope this helps in your last minute holiday gifting dilemmas!


Also, don’t forget to download my printable holiday gift tags here. And yes, you’re welcome.

Counting down the days until Christmas! Happy holidays everyone!

5 Questions Before Your Next Adventure

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written by Tricie Amador

 Thirsty for adventure but don’t know how to start? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you strap on your backpack and see the world out there.


 1. Are you ready for an adventure?

I’m sure your answer is a resounding “Yes!” – but it’s not just about wanting to go on adventure but actually being ready for it. Consider how long your trip will be and how much you’re willing to spend. Aside from that, make sure your documents are in check. You can’t go on a trip next month if your passport is expired, right?

 Other important things to take into consideration would be the travel dates and budget you are allotting for your adventure. And don’t forget to file a leave and ask permission before you book that flight!

2 1

2. What kind of adventure are you up for?

I believe we’re all adventurers in one-way or another. It’s just that we have different ways of doing so. So now that you know how long your trip is and how much you’ll spend, you have to ask yourself: But what do I want to do? 

Are you the type who wants to hike and be one with nature? Or are you the artistic type who loves hanging out at bookstores and cafes? Maybe you’re looking to relax and prefer a staycation, or maybe you want to be by the beach. Like I said, we all have our own way. So try to figure it out.

For Abbey and I, we wanted to do less tourist stuff like tours but really focus on art, culture and café hopping.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be stuck on one thing but knowing your priorities on what you want to do will help you figure out the next part.


 3. Where are we going? *clap clap clap*

Simple fact: you can’t go mountain climbing if you pick an urban jungle for your trip. So this step is all about research. There are tons of resources on the internet that help you plan a trip. TripAdvisor is a great resource since there’s a ranking of stuff to do per location and of course, comments from those who’ve tried it before. Don’t forget to check out travel blogs as well since these travelers have first-hand experience and you can use their itinerary as a guide for when you make yours.

You can also check piso fares on airline websites (Cebu Pacific / Air Asia) just so you know what countries are usually included so you can weigh your options on where to go.

In general, we picked Southeast Asia (or more specifically Indochina) because it was a lot cheaper than going to Japan or Korea. It was also a great starting destination for backpacking that didn’t require too much budget for. More than that, Siem Reap, Cambodia was exactly what we were looking for: history + art + cafes – and I loved running around the temples, so it was definitely a perfect fit! Chiang Mai, Thailand was also  a favorite because we got to try a lot of new experiences like learning how to cook and riding elephants – but at the same time, we got to go to cafes, visit the Trick Eye Museum and go shopping!

4 .Who are your fellow explorers?

I know, you love all your friends. I love all of mine too. However, they’re not all going to be the best travel buddies.

If you’re the type who goes with the flow, it might be a bit difficult travelling with someone who wants everything planned out months before. I’m not saying you shouldn’t travel with that person, but you have to compromise and you do have to talk about it. There has to be a balance between everyone and of course, a consensus of all the decisions that have to be made for your adventure.

When Abbey and I agreed on the trip I remember telling her, “I sleep a lot but if I need to wake up early I will.” Abbey on the other hand, is a morning person. In the end, this benefited us because I got my rest and Abbey got her alone time to do her lettering.

Another great thing travelling with Abbey is that we’re both introverts so our recharging is about being alone. So after a day together, even if we’re in the same room, we still keep to ourselves and we’re really okay with that.

There’s a lot to consider when planning who you’re going to travel with. You don’t want to be exactly alike because traveling is all about trying new things, so it helps to have friends to push you to do that also. So think about who you’re going with because you don’t want to end up fighting with one of your good friends just cause of a trip.


5. Game?


If you’ve read our Life in Transit book, you’ll see the story of how our adventure started. Sometimes, that’s all you need. If you want to travel, you’ll find a way to travel. Like what they say in Up: Adventure is out there! It doesn’t have to be another country and you definitely don’t need to take a plane. Sometimes travel and adventure can just be a few hours away. So don’t worry –  you’ve got this! Get your travel buddy, set those travel goals and start planning your trip!

Good luck on your next adventure!

* * *

P.S. Say hi to my travel buddy / achi / good friend Tricie! She’ll be helping me out and doing a bit of guest posting for our Life in Transit series. :)



P.P.S. Announcing the winners of our Life in Transit giveaway!

Congratulations to Praise Diokno & Jean Todeo! I’ve sent an e-mail already, please check your inbox.


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Thank you to everyone who joined our giveaway, and we hope you guys had fun reading through our book! Hard copies will be available next year for pre-order – details will be posted soon.