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News of today: my Workshops page is now LIVE!



It took me a bit of spontaneity (and convincing from my friends and co-teachers) to finally jump and get into conducting workshops again. I felt like last year’s efforts weren’t enough to close this chapter of my lettering career (it feels weird to call it a career, but I guess it is now), so I decided to give it a go and take it up a notch this year with a new (upgraded) lesson plan, more schedules and more locations (across Metro Manila, plus – crossing fingers on Cebu late this year!) to cater to the needs of my students.

And of course, my goal to share my passions and love for lettering to others. :)

Photos above were taken (thanks, Raniel!) during my first workshop earlier this January at The Forum, Fully Booked (more photos here). I’m finalizing schedules for the summer and I’ll post updates soon.

The Workshops page contains detailed information about my workshops – the course overview, kit inclusions, and schedules & rates. If you’d like to get first dibs on the schedules, subscribe to my newsletter here.

Hope to see you soon at my #LearnbyABC workshops!

P.S. My second #LearnbyABC workshop (February 28 at Hey Kessy) is already full. Please wait for further announcements on future workshops dates from March onwards. 

Life, Lately: On Priorities

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I haven’t been present that much in social media this week (but that doesn’t mean I’m not lurking around all my accounts, haha). Call it a detox – or maybe I’m just too swamped up with work that I don’t have time to actually take photos, write, and build up on content, but it’s been going good for me. If only we could always shut off social media for a few days (ha, not possible for me), that would be great.

Anyway, while I’ve written about how January’s been so far, I feel like this month’s going crazier and crazier each day (sometimes good, sometimes bad). I also have been robbed out of time to write (on my journal), so here I am suddenly writing a post on how things have been. Fortunately though, I’m slowly learning how to figure out what my real priorities are and spending my time with people who really matter.

February seems promising – and now that it’s the last week of January, I can’t help but look forward to what’s ahead.

But before things go downright chaotic, here’s how life’s been, pre-February, post-birthday.

1. My TEDx script is finally done. *confetti* After numerous nights of stalling, getting myself *inspired* to put my thoughts into words (it took only a night with throwback Fall Out Boy & Paramore songs to get this thing together, lol) and overcoming the threat of this document aka TEDx script, it’s finally done (after so many what ifs and revisions). Fleshing out content and ideas based on personal experiences is hard, and coming from someone like me who only writes blog posts (I cannot write to save my life, I promise), it was even harder. I’m so grateful for Tricie who fine tuned my script and made it the amazing one that I am (struggling) tasked to memorize from today until next weekend.

Wish me luck, yes? I’ve never been this nervous in my 22 years of existence. I’ll talk about it more soon. For now, I have to get my thoughts together for my presentation (read: Powerpoint slides, aka my obsession) and figure out how to look decent on stage.

2. I am committing more time for myself. From waking up earlier than usual, hitting the gym on most mornings (I went to a spin class today – and I sort of died for a bit), getting a haircut (my hair’s shorter now, yay for change) to making more efforts to satisfy the introverted person than I am, life’s been slowly making good progress.

3. Learn by ABC has been the bulk of my workload. Adapting my day job to my other job (aka running this blog, running ABC-related things, working on freelance projects and organizing workshops) constantly pushes me to be extra OC with my project management duties – which is pretty cool, if you ask me. The legwork for the workshops I am doing this year (I’m also collaborating with a few brands, more on that soon) is pretty intense. I’m not diving into details as of now, but I super appreciate my mom doing the outsourcing for me, as well as my manager & friends who have been my sounding board for this endeavor since day one.

I’m launching the Workshops page this Saturday by the way, and announcing the second workshop schedule for this year (in February). If you want to get first dibs on schedules & updates, click here.

I’m also working on new things for the shop — eep! Can’t wait to share details come summer. Speaking of the shop, we have a few sets left for# TravelingType! Click here to place an order.

So far that’s how it’s been for me. I’m settling in the fact that I should learn to say no more often (and not get carried away too much) and focus on priorities that really matter (aka things that are currently on my radar). I’ve reminded this to myself so many times now (and I never learn) – but I’m positive that this time around, I will know how to go about it. Fingers crossed. :)

New Year Notebook Essentials

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The new year has gotten me all excited to, once again, begin using a new batch of notebooks for daily consumption. We’re more than halfway through the first month and so far, I’ve abused about 5 notebooks ONLY for my projects (and around 3 more for moment collecting and such. lol). Which is, if you think about it, pretty practical for someone like me who has two jobs and numerous priorities (again, lol).

Anyway, sharing with you guys my current stache of notebooks. People have asked me how I organize my life and to be honest, it’s not even organized (or so I think). But as always, I try to be, to get things done faster and on point. Here are the tools that keep me functioning at life (+ Google Calendar, Google Drive & Evernote).

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For Daily Errands & Ideas


I always carry at least 2 notebooks with me – one for ideas and another for drafts and doodles. Funny as it sounds, I rarely use my planner – except for necessary things that NEED to be listed down (my phone is not my best friend in that aspect, apparently).IMG_5604My BFF is this Notes & Ideas notebook from Sunday Paper’s Essentials line. Every page contains a different project brief and list of actionable ideas & game plans for that specific project (so much for being a “planner”, I do it every day now!). I also use my Today notebook for days that are killer (meaning it’s an extra busy one). I love how it’s segregated to Personal & Work-related tasks.

The lovely folks over at Personal Planner gave me the privilege to design my own planner (the one with the “twenty fifteen” cover) – which is pretty practical as you have complete control on how you want your planner to look like (order here!).
IMG_5605My little brother surprised me with a Monthly Planner from Muji (while we were in Japan! such a cutie) which I use to map out my social calendar and project deadlines (apart from Google Calendar, because backup).

For Projects


Now for projects, I’m adapting a neat trick from AJ (of Sunday Paper) – putting markers on each project! I finally decided to use my Pantone (I never used it) notebook because of the paper quality (and of course, it is Pantone). My Paper Street project notebook (above) is already worn out from ideas and project briefs for the month so I had to change to another one asap (and it’s just the start of 2015, wow).

What I like about keeping project notebooks is that whenever I have meetings, I get to bullet out my questions and concerns and effectively communicate with the people I work with. It makes things extra easy on my end (and for the client/collaborator as well).


Ta-da, my Pantone in use. Studies a few months ago.

For Moment Collecting


I’ve been collecting moments through journal writing, photos & whatnots (read more here; throwback posts here and here) since who knows when (2006 to be specific), and I’ve always had a soft spot for memory keeping.


So for this year, I’ve kept it simple. I use The Daykeeper for the little moments that make life amazing, my diary for bursts of writing during early mornings and late nights, and Maine‘s 365 in 2015 for one specific highlight per day of the year (aka best thing that happened in every day).


For my travels, I use a Sketchnotes A5-sized plain notebook for illustration. Paint holds well (just don’t put too much water), as well as ink – and there are a lot of pages, which is perfect for traveling. I’ll talk about my travel journaling kit on another post. :)

(and just because)

Adding in a few non-notebook essentials that are relevant in my “ABC 2.0″ rebrand (LOL). Okay so a bit about that – I just wanted to revamp the way I dress and the way I look in general this year (less teeny bopper, more mature looking). I cut my hair yesterday, by the way! I often get mistaken for an 18 year old (guys I’m 22 that’s kind of insulting…in a good way) so I’m leaning to invest more in neutral clothing, make more time to fix my face (and hair), and all those “adult” things.

Ugh, being an adult is so hard.


Bianca gave me a copy of StyLIZed (signed by Liz Uy!) to help me achieve my “2015 Vision” for my clothing style (so sweet, thank you B!). I love the book – enjoying it so far. Apart from that, I was sent a watch by Daniel Wellington and I chose a classic one in black (#mature). I’ve also been addicted to Keira Knightley pants lately (the ones she wore from Begin Again) as I got a few pairs on sale at Bershka this month. Just sharing, but in general I’ve been doing a huge closet revamp lately, LOL. Not that you needed to know. Anyway. Moving on.

So those are currently the things I am using for the year. What are yours? Do you have as much notebooks as I do (I bet you some of you do)? Share your thoughts on the comments below :)

Have a lovely weekend!

PS Special thanks to my good friend Nicole of Novels Nails Designs for my lovely nail art, Memorieslab for the polaroid prints, Personal Planner for my planner, Sunday Paper for the Essentials notebooks, Katt of The Daykeeper for the datebook, Sketchnotes & Paper Street for the notebooks, Bianca G for the StyLIZed book and Daniel Wellington for the watch – you can avail 15% off until February 15! Discount code here