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Disclosure Policy

To maintain your confidence in chic style, Artistic Dreams engages in various forms of compensation, which may include select advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate relationships. If a post or article on this blog is not explicitly labeled as a Sponsored Post, rest assured that it is a reflection of our genuine endorsement, deep affection, or an irresistible desire for the featured items. The reviews you encounter on this platform are expressions of our optimistic, personal, and unfiltered opinions, and should be perceived as such.

While it’s natural to have differing preferences or not share the same enthusiasm for the products we showcase, we are committed to presenting comprehensive details about each item on our platform, allowing you to make well-informed decisions. We value your comments and feedback, even when they offer a different perspective.

Affiliate Relationships

Artistic Dreams nurtures affiliate relationships with numerous brands, websites, and products showcased on this site. Many of the links you’ll find here are affiliate marketing links and banner ads. Similar to a shopping scenario, Artistic Dreams earns a modest commission from these sales. Regardless of the presence of an affiliate relationship, we exclusively feature products that we personally shop from, adore, or believe will enhance your life.

Editorials and Sponsored Posts

While sparingly used, Artistic Dreams may occasionally feature editorial content that is financially supported by advertisers. Such content is authored by our contributors and meticulously edited by our team. Any sponsored posts that advocate a product, brand, or website will be clearly designated as Sponsored Posts and/or categorized under Reviews.

Product Reviews

At Artistic Dreams, we take pride in delivering impartial and forthright reviews of a wide array of products, spanning skincare, beauty, books, shoes, jewelry, and clothing.

In the realm of beauty and skincare products, we often receive samples free of charge. This allows us to intimately explore the products, including their appearance, scent, and texture, all of which are essential for crafting comprehensive reviews. It’s important to note that our reviews are reserved for products we genuinely admire, consider essential, or have personally acquired. If a product is provided to us for review purposes, we will transparently disclose this fact in the post.

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Artistic Dreams embraces its status as a PR-friendly network and extends a warm welcome to all relevant pitches from individuals or entities seeking to reach our audience. If you have items, websites, programs, or companies that align with our readers’ interests, please don’t hesitate to reach out. For inquiries regarding our Media Kit or to access our current statistics, such as unique visitors, unique page views, and returning visitors, please get in touch with us.