Be part of the art movement

Be part of the art movement, stay passionate, and leave your mark.

On the pursuit to paying it forward, Abbey Sy dedicates her weekends to spreading the love she has for lettering and life. Through her knowledge and experience in hand lettering and her other pastimes-turned-pursuits, she's reaching out to help you discover your own potential.

Learn by ABC is a series of workshops for creative spirits. These serve as an experiential avenue for the growth of participants who eventually discover their core passions, as well as a tipping point for those in need of that extra push in the right direction.

Classes offered

Firsts: A Basic Hand Lettering Workshop

Pads and pencils out and about in this basic hand lettering workshop tailor fit for beginners and anyone interested in learning the ABC's of hand lettering. This introductory course also teaches the process of 123's, from creating unique letterforms to applying different styles.

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Seconds: An Advanced Hand Lettering Workshop

Add a splash of color to your world and to your words in this advanced hand lettering workshop. Learn the discipline of watercolor through the fun of playing with paint and palettes, all at the tip of your brush.

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Forget Me Nots: A Moment Collecting Workshop

Create your own memento of adventures with ink and paper in this moment collecting workshop for the travelers who see the world as one big canvas. Prepare for your next trip as you learn how to capture your favorite sights, food, and experiences and lay them out into one journal spread of keepsakes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we book workshops for a private group or event?

Unfortunately, I don’t conduct private workshops. However, I conduct workshops in events or schools for a fee. Please email for bookings and kindly provide necessary details.

Can I get a refund, if I don’t make it to the workshop?

Once you pay for your slot, it is considered sold and is non-refundable.

How many slots are there in a workshop?

It varies, but there are limited slots so reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. And if you don’t pay within the given deadline, your slot will be given to someone else.

How long do the workshops usually last?

The duration is 3-4 hours depending on the workshop.

Where are the workshops conducted?

Workshops are usually conducted around Makati, BGC, and Katipunan.

What can we expect from the workshops?

Aside from a lot of fun and motivation, you will be provided with a kit (contents are a surprise!) specific to the workshop.